Make Working Out A Habit This Year

When I talk with clients in Houston, TX, I find that the ones that are most successful at sticking with a fitness program tend to make working out a habit. Most of us think of negative habits, like smoking, binge-watching videos or TV or leaving dirty dishes on the floor, but habits can be good, too. If you make it a habit to eat healthy meals or exercise at a certain time every morning, you’ll be just as apt to do it as you would a bad habit. Most of the time, you automatically do it or it’s uncomfortable when you don’t.

Working out is essential for a healthy life.

Your workout doesn’t have to be formal. It’s all about living an active, varied lifestyle. You need flexibility, strength, endurance and balance training throughout life. If you’re active, moving furniture, dancing, playing basketball or riding bikes might be part of the way to do it, but it even an active lifestyle doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get all types of exercise or work all parts of the body. A program of exercise does. If you don’t get all the types of training or work on all parts of the body, it can leave you vulnerable.

Start by scheduling your workout.

Just like any appointment, you’ll be more apt to keep that appointment with yourself when it’s on your schedule. You’ll also start to associate that time with your workout. Have you ever switched jobs or had your job schedule change and found yourself driving to your old workplace instead of your new one, or driving to work when you meant to go to the grocery? It happens. Just like establishing any habit, whether it’s eating healthy food or going to work, once it’s a normal part of your daily life, you don’t even have to think about it, you just do it.

Don’t try to do it all at once.

If you haven’t worked out for a while, or ever, you need to monitor yourself and start slower. Instead of pushing yourself to do an astronomical amount of reps, cut back on the reps and focus on form for the first few weeks. The proper form is one of the most important parts of any workout routine. Slowly add repetitions and sets as you go. Don’t risk injury by pushing too hard.

  • You can follow our online services for a workout that’s created to bring success. Schedule time for personal training, small group or bootcamp training to create a scheduled workout and create a habit.
  • Make working out a habit by being prepared for the next day’s workout. Pack your gym bag or have your workout clothes laid out. If you have the bag next to the door, you won’t forget it.
  • Workout with a friend. Working out with a friend means you’ll be held accountable for showing up. It’s one reason personal trainers have such great success. They hold clients accountable.
  • Track your progress. Tracking your progress means writing down your workout, including the number of reps. Make notes on how hard or easy the workout felt and how you increased difficulty as you went. Winners keep score.

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