How To Lose Body Fat By Changing What You Eat

I promote exercising, since it helps you burn calories, has loads of health benefits and gives you that fit, sexy look that everyone wants. However, for the best weight loss results you’ll lose body fat by changing what you eat. It can start by simply cutting out sugar, but for the best results, revamping your entire diet to eliminate processed foods and focusing on healthy options will get you to your goal faster. Healthy foods are normally lower in calories, but even more important, they’re filled with nutrients that can help improve your metabolism and get you to your goal faster.

Increase your protein intake to boost your fat burning.

Protein laden foods are thermogenic. That means they take a lot of calories to digest. In fact, protein takes approximately one third of its calories for digestion. Protein also fills you up and leaves you feeling full longer. Some protein foods, such as pumpkin seeds, free-range eggs, dairy and meat products from grass-fed cows and cashews contain L-arginine. L-arginine is an amino acid—the building blocks of protein—that helps boost fat metabolism, increases HGH, burns belly fat and boosts your energy level.

Grab a banana for your weight loss journey.

Bananas are super rich in potassium. If you know anyone with heart problems, you probably recognize the mineral. It’s often recommended for people with impaired heart functioning. It helps eliminate sodium from the system, so it is a natural diuretic, but also aids in muscle recovery after a workout. Besides bananas, leafy greens and avocados contain potassium. One study shows that about 95 percent of Americans have a potassium shortage.

Make sure you have magnesium in your diet.

Magnesium can be a powerful weight loss tool when you get it from healthy eating. It is necessary for a number of functions in your body. For weight loss and exercise, it helps with muscle contractions, while lowering both fasting glucose levels and insulin levels. That helps keep your fat burning furnaces going strong. It also helps reduce the amount of fat your store. Dark leafy vegetables, like spinach, cashews and almonds are three sources of magnesium.

  • Hydrate frequently and make it water. Dehydration can leave you tired and slow your metabolism. Sugary drinks like cola add to your caloric intake. Drinking plenty of water not only hydrates you, it fills you up without filling you out.
  • Make sure you have adequate healthy fat in your diet. Healthy fat is not the enemy. In fact, you need it for muscle recovery after a tough workout. It keeps you feeling fuller longer, is heart healthy and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Increase your B-vitamins, including choline. Not only do foods with choline and other B vitamins leave you feeling fuller, they also help stop fat storage by shutting down the gene that does it.
  • Make a healthy potato salad with peas in it. Chilled potatoes and peas both contain resistant starch. It boosts the healthy bacteria, which aid digestion, burns fat and makes you feel full.

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