How To Beat Your Soda Habit

Whether you’re drinking sugary colas or even diet drinks daily, they take a toll on your health and your waistline. The caffeine and sugary taste of coke can be hard to beat but it’s possible to overcome the soda habit forever. While the sugar in regular soft drinks is damaging to your body, soft drinks contain other things that can negatively affect your health. They contain phosphorus, among other things. Too much phosphorus in your body leaches the calcium from the bone linked to bone and deposits it in blood vessels and other parts of the body, leading to heart attack, stroke, and more. It’s hard, but you can make the break and be soft drink free forever.

You can start slowly and wean yourself from soft drinks.

It’s hard to do, but you can do it. Most people don’t realize how many colas they drink daily, so the first day, don’t stop. Instead, write down every time you drink a soda. By the end of the day, you may see a pattern. You can drink them with meals or down one every hour. Whatever it is, eliminate one of those times and replace it with water, infused water, tea, or other zero-calorie healthy drink. Do it for a week or until it becomes a habit, then add another time until you don’t drink any.

Go cold turkey.

Before you start, find an alternative drink that doesn’t contain sugar, phosphorus, or other harmful additives. Explore other options, like green tea, herbal tea, coffee, infused water, or just plain water. Stock up on your alternate drink of choice. Why are you giving up soda? Is it to cut down on sugar? It won’t help if your alternative contains sugar or is tea or coffee and you add sugar. Make your alternative fit your goal. Only unsweetened tea, coffee, or alternative will do.

Giving up soft drinks cold turkey can be hard if you’re addicted to caffeine.

If you’re focusing on flushing it from your system don’t choose options like coffee or traditional tea. They contain caffeine. When you give up caffeine, expect side effects, including headaches. Be careful about the pain medication you take for the headache. Many of them contain caffeine and just prolong the withdrawal period or destroy your attempt to kick the habit. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen normally don’t, but always read the ingredients label.

  • If you’re quitting, whether in increments or cold turkey, and have a setback all is not lost. Just start again. As you make it a habit to substitute healthy drinks, there will be bumps in the road.
  • While you’ll cut calories by drinking low or no-calorie soft drinks, studies show even zero-calorie soft drinks can increase your waist circumference and add belly fat.
  • You don’t have to buy expensive infused water; you can make it yourself. Just add slices of fruit, vegetables, or herbs to water. Give it time for the flavor to infuse into the water. It’s almost zero calories and delicious.
  • If you drink soft drinks mostly in restaurants, consider unsweetened iced tea. Most restaurants have that option. Whatever your substitution choice is, stock up on it and have it ready when you want a cool refreshing drink.

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