Fitness Is Mind AND Body

Fitness is Mind and Body

Fitness is mind and body working together to help you have the healthiest life possible. Not only does working out help you think clearer and feel better, thinking positive also helps you be healthier and achieve more. The mind and the body are not separate entities, but work together to create the beautiful person that is you. Focusing on the positive isn’t the same as living in denial. Instead it’s giving attention to the steps of progress you make while standing firm in your resolve to achieve a goal. In this case, a fitness goal.

The body affects the mind in many ways.

When you’re under stress, your body creates hormones that prepare you to fight or for flight. That was an excellent attribute when stress was the potential of being eaten by a saber tooth tiger or trampled by a herd of charging bison. Today, stress comes in a wide variety of forms and running or fighting isn’t appropriate for most of them. If those hormones aren’t burned off, you’ll be angry, paranoid, depressed or a have a number of other negative reactions. They also make changes in the body that can lead to illness. Burning off those hormones with exercise not helps you feel better, but the body also creates hormones that give you a feeling of well being, such as endorphin and dopamine, when you exercise.

Working out builds your self esteem.

Studies show that even before any visible signs of improvement show, people have improved self esteem when they start a program of regular exercise. Exercise also helps your posture. You’ll walk taller and amazingly, feel better about yourself when you do. Not only that, your posture gives you presence so others notice it too. You’ll see just how much exercise can help your overall self esteem.

When you believe you can, nothing can stop you.

The power of belief is dramatic. No matter what your present fitness level, YOU CAN CHANGE IT FOR THE BETTER if you believe you can. Some people call it mental toughness, which is the ability to continue long after others might have quit. Others just call it determination, but in reality, it all boils down to believing not only in yourself, but in your fitness program.

If you keep a mental image of what you want to look like or how fit you want to be, it will come true. When you don’t want to exercise, focus on it. When that slice of cake looks overwhelmingly delightful, focus on it.

You’ll sleep better at night when you workout regularly. That alone can help you have more resolve and feel better about yourself and everyone around you.

You’ll feel happier when you workout and think clearer. Not only does exercise stimulate the circulation of blood, it helps build more connections in the brain to improve cognitive thinking.

Exercising regularly can help prevent serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. It also can help you lift depression and prevent osteoporosis.

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