Could Resistance Training Be Right For You?

If you want to transform yourself into the shapely you hiding inside, our program at RC Fitness in Houston, TX, can be the perfect option. It uses a variety of techniques and different types of fitness training. Resistance training, endurance, balance and flexibility are all important to be the healthiest, shapeliest and most alluring you.

Resistance training is another way of saying strength training.

Some people hear the words strength training and worry they’ll become muscle-bound and bulky. That’s just not true, especially if you’re a woman. A woman’s physiology and hormonal balance won’t let that happen unless you’re doing a rigorous workout regimen. If you see some of the women body builders, many are on a strict regimen that require hours in the gym daily. Some even use hormones, like steroids, to get that bulky, hulk type appearance.

Weight loss is easier if you’re using resistance training.

When you do resistance training, you’re building muscle and burning fat. While cardio burns calories, the calories it burns come from both fat and muscle tissue. That’s not true of resistance training. The muscle tissue you build is sinewy and lean, so you look more toned than muscular. Why would you want to build more muscle tissue? The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you’ll burn 24/7. It boosts your metabolism. When you’re resting, a pound of muscle tissue burns between 35 and 50 calories a day, while a pound of fat only burns 3 to 5 calories. That’s ten times more every day. If you change five pounds of fat to muscle, you’ll burn enough calories to lose a pound in 15 days with no other changes to your diet or energy output.

Strength training is good for your health and can help prevent serious injuries.

The older you get, the more muscle mass you lose. That change starts at about 30, if you’re younger and sedentary, it could begin early and be extremely devastating. The muscles tug on the bone and trigger the hormones that cause the bone to build. If there’s no tug, the bone density decreases, causing weak bones and osteoporosis. Strength training also improves the muscle tone, so you won’t have as much potential pulling a muscle doing something simple, like picking up a bag of groceries or a baby.

  • While everyone needs some type of strength training, it should be tailored to your needs and situation. If you never exercised before, take it slowly and learn proper form to maximize benefits.
  • Strength training can also improve your immune system, so you aren’t as susceptible to illness, whether it’s the common cold or something more severe like diabetes, high blood pressure or a heart attack.
  • Strength training can help you shape your body and get that curvy appeal everyone wants. It can help improve your cognitive skills, burn off stress hormones and make you feel more relaxed.
  • You don’t need any equipment for most of the strength training exercises offered in my program. Bodyweight exercises like planks, squats and bridges build strength, tone muscles and burn tons of calories.

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