Benefits Of Strength Training In Older Women

My clients in Houston, TX, are really all over the world, know I love strength training for women and men. While many people don’t do strength training after a certain age, particularly women, the benefits of strength training in older women is extremely important. Older women tend to avoid it because they often believed it was not only unladylike, but dangerous and built bulky muscles. Those things are not true and luckily, people are finding out that strength-training can make a big difference in health and physical appearance.

You won’t build bulky muscles, but will build more muscle mass.

Women often see female bodybuilders and think that doing an hour of strength-training each week will make them look like that. It’s simply not true. You will build muscle mass, but it will mean toned, svelte muscles. It’s extremely difficult for women to get the muscular look of bodybuilders and takes hours and hours every week, plus a dedication to diet and other lifestyle changes. Older people, male and female need to work on building muscle mass, since it wastes away as you age. It’s estimated that a sedentary person loses about forty percent of their muscle mass between the age of 30 to 80. That can destroy the option of independent living as you age.

You need more muscle mass to avoid bone loss.

When you’re building muscle tissue by lifting weights, you’re also helping your bones. Working your muscles hard tugs on the bones. It causes the body to begin the bone building process and send more calcium to the bones Just doing strength training two to three times a week helps maintain calcium levels in the bones and avoid osteoporosis.

The stronger you are, the more you’re protected from severe conditions.

Building strength does more than help you live on your own longer. It helps you the prospect of diabetes and even help normalize blood sugar if you already have it. Strength-training can help people with osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain and depression. It can relieve symptoms and in some cases reverse them. If you have a precursor to diabetes, insulin resistance, it can reverse it by increasing the protein responsible for regulation of blood sugar levels.

  • Falls account for many people losing their independence as they age. Strength-training helps improve your balance and prevent life altering accidents.
  • Do you want to sleep better? It’s important for heart health and weight control. Try strength-training. It helps you sleep and achieve the deep sleep that is important for health.
  • Are you turning into a grouchy old person? Depression and anger is one of the problems faced by older people. Exercising can increase the hormones that make you feel good and lift you out of depression.
  • Boost your metabolism with strength training. A number of health issues occur or get worse when your metabolism slows and causes weight gain. You’ll also look years younger with pep in your step and a body younger women will envy.

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