eBook-Upper Body Toning


Say GOODBYE to those Jiggly Arms and HELLO to Spaghetti Straps!!!

Would you like to finally be able to wear thinned straped, or even strapless, tops and dresses? Do you not have the time or finances to go to the traditional gym, or even hire a personal trainer? Do you travel a lot for work? Well if this sounds like you, this home based workout would be perfect for you!

Throughout my career as a personal trainer, I've encountered many women that either would love to workout with me but don't have the funds or time; or they don't like the atmosphere of a gym, so they'd rather do something more personal and in their own comfort zone. So I've decided to create a number of eBooks to assist with that so that women like you can get the results I produce with my clients without stepping outside the comfort of your homes.

How Will This Book Get You into those Spaghetti Straps?

In this book I've put together exercises to directly work on your arms and shoulders. Howe has given you a combination of dips, push-ups, presses, and a little cardio exercises to cover all areas of the arm including the shoulders and a little calorie burning (because a little cardio never hurt 'no one!…LOL).

What these exercises target:
Biceps: the large muscle in the upper arm that turns the hand to face palm uppermost. The muscle right on top of the inside of your elbow
Triceps: The muscles located on the back of your upper arm. In between your shoulder and elbow.
Rhomboids: The muscles that are found on your upper back, in between your shoulders.



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