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Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat

Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat

Getting fat around your abdomen can be huge problem that’s tough to eliminate. What causes lower belly fat? A lot of things cause it. It can come from a bad diet, which includes both diet and regular soft drinks. It also can occur if you don’t exercise or lead a life that’s filled with stress. Just knowing the causes provides a key to eliminating the problem. Making changes in your lifestyle will do it.

Eating healthy is the first step.

While I’ve heard that people who eat primarily vegetables say it eliminated their “potbelly” after a few months, I believe that it wasn’t just sticking with a vegan lifestyle that did it. They became more aware of what they ate and ate healthier. Not only does a vegan or vegetarian diet include more fiber, it also is lower in saturated fat and filled with nutrients. You don’t have to go strictly vegetarian to get these benefits, but you do have to eat a healthy diet. Focus on eating more fruits and vegetables and definitely cut back on processed food or food with added sugar. You also need a good source of protein to lose belly fat, such as eggs, fish, nuts, lean meat or dairy.

Get ready, get set, exercise!

If you aren’t already exercising, just doing something simple as taking a 30 minute walk each day—or three ten minute walks—can help slim you down and get rid of belly fat. While all types of aerobic workouts help, so does lifting weights and strength building workouts. Spot exercising doesn’t work, since you don’t lose weight in a specific area but all over your body. It will, however, tone the abdominal muscles. I have some great videos available on exercises that will blast that belly fat firm. You have to be consistent and you have to shed those extra pounds to get the full benefit.

Could your pooch come from stress?

Stress is a killer! It can cause changes to the body that are both dangerous and frankly, not attractive at all. One of the hormones of stress, cortisol, is closely linked with belly fat. So how do you deal with it? If you’re like most people, you can’t quit your job and lock yourself in a stress-free room, so you have to learn techniques. Meditation and breathing exercises can help you deal immediately. Exercise also burns off the hormones of stress. If you can, when stress hit, go for a walk, run up and down stairs or just get moving until you feel better. Have you ever wondered why people pace? Moving is a natural response to stress.

  • Not only what you eat makes a difference, what you drink does, too. Skip those soft drinks! They have loads of sugar. Even diet colas are a problem. In fact, they may be worse, since studies show they cause belly fat.
  • Speaking of drinks, alcoholic beverages also boost your belly fat. You’ve probably heard of a beer belly, but all alcoholic beverages increase weight around the middle. Alcohol is loaded with calories, slows your system and is an appetite stimulant.
  • Get more sleep. If you’re deprived of sleep, not only will you move more slowly, you’ll be ravenous. Lack of sleep increases the amount of hunger hormone in your body and limits the hormone that makes you feel full.
  • You’ll get a full program to help you get rid of belly fat when you use Reggie C Fitness online training.

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Easy Low Calorie Snacks To Stay On Track

Easy Low Calorie Snacks To Stay On Track

Everywhere you look in Houston, Tx, there are temptations lurking. Whether it’s that new bakery down the block that has the most delicious cinnamon rolls or a quick drive through for an order of fries. If you want low calorie snacks, you have to make them yourself. Luckily, there’s a lot of easy ones you can make quickly. For instance, just bagging individual serving sizes of nuts, which is the equivalent of either 24 almonds, 12 hazelnuts, 18 cashews, 35 peanuts, 15 pecan halves, 8 Brazil nuts or 14 English walnut halves, is about 200 calories. It’s quick and easy, while also providing heart healthy benefits.

You can keep your calorie count low, while you enjoy this tasty treat.

Greek yogurt, the original kind with live culture, full fat and no additives to make it sweet or give it flavor, can be a real diet saver. While the full fat style yogurt has more calories than the low fat type, the fat provides more health benefits, plus keeps you feeling fuller longer. Get a large container and scoop out a half cup of yogurt, slice a handful of grapes or other fruit into it and mix. Mix in cinnamon to taste if you want. If you want a frozen treat that’s easy to make, get popsicle molds. Blend yogurt, coconut milk and frozen or fresh pineapple and freeze. Yum! It’s a pinasicle. Since most mold holds a half cup, this treat is under 100 calories, too.

Do you want a crunchy snack?

Crunchy and salty are often what your mouth desires. There’s nothing better than some popcorn to achieve this goal. You can either make air popped corn for a low calorie treat or make your own microwave popcorn. If you want an easy way to make it at the office, just buy some brown paper lunch bags. Pour ¼ cup in the bag, fold the top over and cook for 2 to 3 minutes until the popping quits. You can top it with a drizzle of butter and salt or even some Parmesan or powdered American cheese.

The go to favorite snacks that still hold top position.

What would a blog on healthy snacks be without at least the mention of raw fruit and veggies with dip. For ease, slice up all the vegetables ahead of time and refrigerate. If you choose fruit like cantaloupe or watermelon, cube it ahead of time, too. You can make a veggie dip out of hummus or create your own. For vegetables, mix cottage cheese and Italian dressing mix or cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and ranch dressing mix. You can also slice apples and put nut butter between the slices for a tasty treat.

  • Unsweetened applesauce is delicious! Now to add more flavor, sprinkle it with cinnamon. It’s healthy, low calorie and a treat that won’t make you sorry you ate it.
  • Another treat under 100 calories that also takes minimum effort is a date that’s stuffed. Just put a teaspoon of unsalted nut butter—I love almond butter for this—into one medjool date.
  • Is ice cream one of your guilty pleasures? Now you can have your marvelous figure and your ice cream too. Slice a banana in 2 inch chunks, lay the chunks on a tray and freeze for six hours. When you take them out, put in a blender for a treat that tastes like banana custard. It’s 105 calories.
  • You’ll love all the recipes and ideas available with our nutrition plan at Reggie C Fitness. You’ll also get even more benefits when you combine it with a workout plan that will have you looking like the star you are quickly.

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Small Steps To A Healthier You

Small Steps To A Healthier You

I have a lot of online clients and those in Houston, TX, who find it tough to make all the changes for a healthier life at once. They find that changing their eating habits, working out regularly, getting more sleep and quitting unhealthy habits like drugs, tobacco use and abuse of alcohol in one felt swoop means they won’t stick with any of the goals. For those who have a lot of changes to make, taking small steps is better. No matter how you get there, the ultimate goal is always a healthier you that’s happy with how you look.

Pick one goal and work on consistency.

Of course, getting fit is your overall goal, but you can break it down to several goals, such as eating healthy or working out regularly. Start with either one and work on it for approximately six to eight weeks until it becomes a habit, then add the another addition to your fitness goals. You can start with working regularly or eating healthy, it doesn’t matter the idea is to take a step in the right direction.

Not ready for a major overhaul of your eating habits or starting an exercise program.

Maybe you don’t feel you’re fit enough to start a formal program of exercise or dive into a full blown healthy eating model, take baby steps toward your goal. If you start with exercise, just make sure you boost the amount of exercise you get in the process of daily living. Park further from the door and walk to the store or take the steps rather than taking the elevator. Rather than drive to the neighbor’s or the store, ride your bike. It all counts and is all good exercise.

Start by cutting out sugar.

You don’t have to learn how everything there is to know about nutrition to start eating healthier. Consider just giving up products with added sugar. It’s a lot harder than you think. Almost all processed food has added sugar. It’s in things you won’t suspect. The easiest way to avoid it is to eat more whole foods, rather than relying on processed ones.

  • Some processed foods have several types of sugar. The manufacturer does that to prevent sugar from being at the top of the list of ingredients, which then shows sugar as the primary ingredient. Instead, there are three to four different types of sugar in the middle of the list.
  • If giving up sugar as a start is still too big, begin by selecting healthy snacks. Take fresh fruit or nuts and dried fruit to work as your snack for mid morning and mid afternoon. Make sure you have single serving sizes ready.
  • Getting adequate sleep is also important, just as keeping hydrated. Both affect your appetite and energy level. When you do both, you’ll get a start on the road to weight loss. Either could be the start of your fitness program.
  • If you want a whole program that’s easy to use, check out the apps we have available. You can do the entire program at once or just sign up for part of it at Reggie C Fitness Online training.

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Start Your Transformation Process

Start Your Transformation Process

I love working directly with clients in Houston, TX, but also love my online clients and hearing their input. I always congratulate them and tell them that any change starts by beginning the transformation process. Taking that first step is the toughest part, whether you’re changing your body or lifestyle. If you haven’t started yet, isn’t it time to treat yourself to looking and feeling great? There’s no better time to start than now.

Little changes often include educating yourself.

Yes, I know I give you meal plans, but those are just to help you while you’re learning some of the changes that lower your caloric intake and boost your nutrition. These are plans that fit your goals, whether it’s to melt away fat and build muscle tissue or just get healthier. It won’t be long until eating healthy becomes a habit and you can go anywhere and eat without dumping your progress out of the window. In fact, even if you overindulge one day, it’s just one day and you go back to eating healthy the next. Just make those days few and far between and you’ll be fine.

If you’re not ready for the whole program, start with something.

You don’t have to start with the whole lifestyle change program of healthy eating and regular exercise, but you do need to start somewhere. If you aren’t ready for the total workout or healthy eating, start on your own by taking walks every night. Every week increase your speed and distance. Maybe you just go one block further and slightly faster, but you’re improving with each change. You’ll know when you’re ready for a full workout and that’s the time to strike, while the iron is hot and you’re full of enthusiasm.

Make some changes to your eating habits as a start.

If you do nothing more than cut out food with added sugar and processed food, substituting whole foods and a variety of vegetables and fruit, you’ll be on your way to a body transformation. Add a program of exercise and you’ll start seeing that transformation. While it will be slower than if you had a program designed specifically for your needs, it will happen.

  • Normally, once people start on their own and start seeing small changes, they crave the complete transformation program where they can see bigger and better changes.
  • One important part of any lifestyle transformation program is motivation. It’s what’s often lacking in most “do-it-on-your-own” programs. I provide complete support and motivation by holding you accountable.
  • Try something for four weeks if you’re not sold on making changes. It’s tough, so focus on just this one thing. Give up food with added sugar, which includes ice cream, cake, candy, cookies and even soft drinks and fruit drinks. See how much better you feel after just four weeks.
  • I provide the tools so you can transform your body anywhere. Since most people have their cell phone with them wherever they go, I provide a complete program you can load to your cell phone. See what you’re missing by going to Reggie C Fitness for online training.

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Get What You Need To Reach Your Goal

Get What You Need To Reach Your Goal

Some people fail in their attempt to lose weight because they aren’t sure what to do or how to start it. If you’re building a house, you need a blueprint first. The same is true when you’re trying to reach your goal of weight loss, you need a guide or a blueprint to follow. That’s what I provide for clients in both Houston, Tx and those online. It’s a step-by-step program designed specifically with you in mind.

Start with your ultimate goal and break it down to smaller more achievable goals.

Maybe you want to lose 50 pounds or chisel your waist down from 32 inches to 24 inches. It doesn’t happen overnight and the time it takes can often discourage people. That’s why breaking your goal down to smaller more quickly achievable goals. It helps you track your progress, so you can make changes if necessary and get that boost of encouragement from achieving the goal.

Learn how to eat healthier and have the information at the tip of your fingers.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a mystery, especially when you’re using my plan. We have a nutrition package that you can customize to match your goals. Whether you want to use the helpful Flexible Meal Planning app provides great meal options or create your own delicious healthy meal with the help of the guidelines provided, this tool is necessary to help you reach your goal.

There’s no need to leave the house to workout when you have the help with online training.

If you’re confused about where to start, don’t worry. We provide all the tools and help you with a program based on your needs and goals. It’s available to you 24/7, unlike gyms and personal trainers. For those working unusual hours, it’s not a problem. Schedule your workout when it’s most convenient.

  • I not only provide the workout program, our team tracks you and keeps you accountable. That’s very important for success. It provides the motivation to stick with the plan, even though it can be tough or you’ve experienced a set-back.
  • It’s great to see success and even better when you get to share it. It also provides inspiration for others. That’s why we want you to upload pictures to help provide a documentation of your progress.
  • You’ll have all the information you need to reach your fitness goal when you join the RC Fitness family, no matter whether it’s a total transformation or just building more muscle tone.
  • Try the 90 day challenge and see how well you do. You’ll be amazed at the difference just a mere 90 days make. Start today and you’ll look back and be glad you made the decision to do it.

Want to Learn More About How to Reach Your Goal?

If you’re ready to reach your fitness goal, contact me here today.

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Years of bad decisions and neglect may have determined how your body looks now, but it doesn’t have to determine the future you. You can now make a dramatic change and be in the best shape of your life. It takes desire, a goal and determination, plus some guidance and support. That’s what I provide at RC fitness. I make it easier to change old habits that prevent you from looking your best and developing new ones that make the transformation.

What do YOU need to be your best.

Many personal trainers only focus on losing weight. Not everyone needs to lose weight. Some people want to look curvier, more toned or even gain weight. Each person needs something different. That’s why I created a personalized program, so you can reach the goal that’s right for you. Each person’s program focuses on a different goal and has varying types of workouts and eating plans to reach them.

Whether you want a better booty or losing weight, the right exercise program can do it.

While you need a full program of workouts, which includes flexibility, strength, balance and endurance, you also need some specific exercises to achieve the goal you want. Strength building is important, since it builds muscles where you want them, flexibility training helps you move with grace and avoid injury. Balance and endurance helps avoid accidents and boosts your energy throughout the day. Boosting your energy can help you accomplish all your goals. My program is well rounded, yet specific to you.

What you eat is just as important as working out.

There’s a saying that the perfect body starts in the kitchen. It’s true. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Eating healthy and clean isn’t dieting. Dieting leaves you feeling hungry and deprived. The worst part of dieting is that it ends and you go back to old eating habits. Instead, healthy eating becomes a way of life. Sure, you can still eat a favorite “unhealthy” food occasionally, just not all the time and remembering portion control. You’ll never regain the weight you lost when you eat healthy.

  • We provide support to help you get in shape. We keep in touch and hold you accountable, which can provide the motivation to stick with your goal.
  • It’s not going to be easy, but you can do it. The RC Fitness program helps people of all fitness levels from beginner to competition training. We stay in contact to make sure you’re getting maximum benefit.
  • You’ll be amazed at not only how great your body looks, but how great you feel. Feeling good is just as important as looking good.
  • It’s time to start on the future you. The you that looks better than ever. Find the plan that works best for you. Start it! Stick with it! Watch the transformation.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re ready to get in the best shape of your life, contact me here today.

Sunscreen Ideas For Summer Workouts

Sunscreen Ideas For Summer Workouts

One of the best things about summer workouts is that you can take them outside and enjoy the sun. Of course, you have to make sure you follow certain protocols to ensure your safety and good healthy. Wearing sunscreen is a must if you’re outside in the sun for long. It protects your skin and prevents burning that can age you and ultimately may cause skin cancer. There are also other rules to follow to prevent sun damage.

Workout when it’s not as hot and the sun isn’t as high in the sky.

Taking your training outdoors, do it when the sun’s rays aren’t the strongest. The time between 10 a.m. and 3 to 4 p.m. should be avoided to help prevent sunburn and heat exhaustion. Exercise early in the morning or later in the day, especially if you’re concerned your sunscreen will drip off your body with all the sweat. Earlier in the morning is normally the coolest time.

Apply your sunscreen liberally before you put on exercise gear.

Use a sunscreen that covers a broad spectrum with protection for both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure it has a high SPF—sun protective factor—protection. It should be as much about 50, but can be as low as 30. Applying it before you put on your workout clothes ensures you’ll get your entire body and won’t miss an area where you sleeve rises a bit as you workout, or where the sun hits your back when you bend.

Apply the sunscreen liberally, especially on areas where you’re more likely to get sunburned, like your nose.

Use lotion, which is easier to ensure it covers the area and doesn’t have fumes that may affect your health like spray on lotion. Use a liberal amount before you leave the house. A dopple the size of a golf ball should work. Be aware that if you use products with retinol—including sunscreen with retinol, it may actually intensify the sun rays and boost your potential for sunburn. Carry the sunscreen with you and if you’re sweating profusely, reapply it at least once every hour and a half.

  • Don’t forget to wear a hat to protect the top of your head from the sun. It also provides more shade for your face.
  • Even if the sky is overcast, you’ll still be exposed to the rays of the sun. Sunscreen is just as important on those days as they are on the super sunny ones.
  • Check into workout clothes that offer sun protection. The UV protective clothing is lightweight and designed for outside workouts.
  • Stay safe when you workout. Don’t forget about staying hydrated and if it’s really hot, either take your workout to a shady area or cut it short outside and take it inside.

Healthy Snacks At Your Desk

Healthy Snacks At Your Desk

There’s a lot of people who work in offices throughout Houston, Tx, who want to find healthy snacks for those bouts of midmorning and midafternoon hunger. Some are lucky enough to have access to a refrigerator and some are not. Either way, bringing personal options that are lower in calories and high in nutrients is far better than opting for the food from the candy machine, overeating at lunch or gobbling down the first thing they see at the gas station after work. Many of these options actually save money, too.

Save money and eat healthier homemade microwave popcorn.

Don’t pay the high price for a bag of microwave popcorn, when you can make dozens of bags for the same amount of money that have fewer calories. All it takes is a brown paper lunch bag and some popcorn kernels. Just pack up ¼ cup of popcorn kernels in each bag, fold the top several times and it’s ready for the microwave. You can even keep some seasoning at your desk, such ones in stores, like a ranch or dill pickle, or make your own. You can melt a few bittersweet chips that are 60 percent cacao up to 80 percent cacao and drizzle, then top with some sea salt for a treat everyone will want to try.

Take some nuts and seeds.

Keeping a bag of trail mix that’s exclusively made of seeds and nuts, with maybe a few pieces of dried fruit thrown in for sweetness at your desk can help you relieve that midafternoon hunger. If you’re not good at eyeballing portion size, take it in individual serving sizes. Eating a whole bag of trail mix at one serving will not make you thinner. To make it less expensive and control portion size, cut the whole dried fruit before time and just add a few small pieces to each bag of trail mix.

Keep energy balls on hand.

There are a number of recipes for energy balls on the internet that provide high protein that gives long term protein and quick energy to boost you immediately. If you want a salty caramel flavor, try these balls. There’s no added sugar. They take a cup of fresh medjool dates or regular dried dates, a cup of cashews or other nuts and seeds–raw is healthiest, but you can use roasted, 2 tsp of vanilla extract and a pinch of sea salt. Combine all the ingredients in a food processor, adding a bit of water if it’s too dry to form a ball. Roll in balls the size of a golf ball and chill in the refrigerator. They stay good for a month refrigerated, but can stay in the freezer for months. You can take frozen ones to work with you and let them thaw throughout the day for a morning or afternoon treat. There are 70 calories, 2.8 g fat, 8.9 g carbs, 1.6 fiber, 6.1 g sugar, 3.5 g protein in each ball.

  • Keeping it simple is often the best route to take. Take a piece of fruit. Whether you choose an apple, orange, banana or pear, they don’t need any special preparation.
  • Sprinkle some unflavored Greek yogurt that has live cultures with a few nuts or some blueberries or strawberries for a yummy healthy treat. You need a refrigerator in your office or this one.
  • If you have a refrigerator available, take some fresh veggies for a snack and a little dip made with powdered ranch dressing and Greek yogurt.
  • Plain oatmeal packs are a filling option and you can store those packets in your desk and then have your treat ready as long as you have water, a mug and a microwave. Sprinkle on some cinnamon.

5 Reasons To Lift Weights

5 Reasons To Lift Weights

I always make sure everyone has strength building exercises in their workout, which in many cases includes weight lifting. There are a number of reasons to lift weights, here are five of my favorite ones and often the top reasons people include weight lifting in their workout. Lifting weights isn’t just for men. It’s perfect for women, too. Contrary to what some women think, it won’t make you bulk up like the Incredible Hulk. Women don’t bulk up like men because of hormone difference. Even for men it takes a lot of work and focused training.

If you want to burn fat, grab weights and start exercising.

One reasons strength training, weight lifting in particular, is so important in a workout program is that it torches calories, while building muscle tissue. You may think that cardio workouts are the best at burning calories, but you’d be wrong. Yes, they do require a high calorie expenditure, but those calories come from both fat and lean muscle tissue. Lifting weights actually builds muscle tissue while it burns calories from fat. After weeks of training, you’ll have more muscle tissue and less fat tissue when you lift weights. That’s good, because muscle tissue needs more calories for maintenance, so the more you have the more calories you’ll burn 24/7.

Reason number two for weight lifting, strong muscles and bones.

As people age, they begin to lose muscle tissue. That loss of muscle tissue is called sarcopenia. It often starts in the second half of the thirties and continues each year. Losing muscle tissue can have a huge effect on a senior’s ability to function on their own. Lifting stops and reverses the loss of muscle mass. Losing muscle tissue also affects bone loss. When you lose muscle mass, loss of bone mass also occurs. Studies show weight bearing exercises can slow that process of osteoporosis as well as some medications and maybe even reverse it.

You’ll reduce the risk of serious conditions when you workout with weights.

Besides osteoporosis and sarcopenia, working out with weights can help reverse insulin resistance, the precursor to type 2 diabetes. When you do resistance training, it activates four separate signaling pathways that boost the production of APP1, a protein helps your body use insulin and regulates the absorption of glucose. That lets your muscles use glucose more effectively. It also helps deal with chronic conditions and the pain of arthritis. Strength training is as effective as medication for pain reduction.

  • Reason number four to do strength training is that it lowers blood pressure. It can help prevent heart disease. It’s far easier on the heart than aerobic training, too.
  • A fifth reason weight training is beneficial is for improved energy. At first, you’ll be ready to shower and go to bed immediately after lifting weights, but after a few months, you’ll notice you have more energy than you had in years.
  • As a bonus, you’ll burn off the hormones of stress when you workout with weights. It also stimulates the production of hormones that make you feel good.
  • Not only does strength training give you the curves you want, it makes you more coordinated and helps improve your balance. You’ll not only get a great body, you’ll carry yourself with confidence and reduce the risk of falls.

Eat Green And Fit Into Your Jeans

Eat Green And Fit Into Your Jeans

One of the things I emphasize when I talk to clients in Houston, Tx is that when you want to lose weight so you fit into your jeans, you have to eat green. That doesn’t mean everything you eat should be green, just that you should eat healthy and include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. You need to workout to tone your muscles and get that curvy look everyone loves. Working out also helps you burn calories, but the real secret to losing weight starts in the kitchen.

Eating healthy isn’t dieting.

When you think of losing weight, you normally think of going on a strict diet where you wave good-bye to all your favorite foods, lose weight and then go back to old eating habits, which makes you regain the weight you just lost. Instead, eating healthy simply means making smarter choices when it comes to food. It means less processed foods and more whole foods. You can eat that way for the rest of your life and be healthier for doing it, too.

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to have some of your favorite foods.

If you love cake, when you healthy, you can still have some cake occasionally. You just can’t have it every day and must remember portion control. It means eating one piece of cake, not the whole cake. Don’t worry if that happens, either. You aren’t falling off a diet or anything, just taking a step back one day from what’s now your normal healthy eating habits. Go back to healthy eating the next day.

You’ll never feel starved or deprived.

One of the things that most people love about healthy eating is that they never feel hungry. You’ll even learn to make substitutions that don’t effect the taste of the food, just makes it healthier and lower in calories. For instance, eating brown rice has more nutrients than the same amount of white rice, but fewer calories. Substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream on a potato also saves calories but gives you that same creamy taste.

  • You’ll be amazed at how much you like the new way of eating and on those rare days you go back to old eating habits, how unsatisfying it is.
  • Cutting out products with added sugar is one of the biggest changes. It’s hard because sugar is so addictive. Make sure you have plenty of fruit for snacks and gradually switch your snacks to other options that aren’t sugary.
  • Learning to eat healthy means you can eat anywhere without worry about falling off a diet. You simply make the smartest choice of food when in restaurants or at parties.
  • When you combine regular exercise with a healthy diet, not only will your jeans fit better quickly, you may even find you have to buy a smaller size much sooner than you thought possible.