Workouts For When You’re Sore

Sometimes, everything hurts for a few days after a brutal workout or you just slept wrong, sat too long or pulled something. You don’t have to skip your exercise appointment, there are workouts for when you’re sore that won’t aggravate the problem and may even help it. Getting your body moving, your blood circulating and breathing deeply can provide a lot of relief for some of the pain. That doesn’t mean you do these workouts and skip your regular program if you’re feeling the normal twinges, but big pain is completely different.

Increase your circulation without adding to the problem.

While walking is a good exercise, it still can be painful if your legs feel like they’re going to fall off from the pressure of your weight. Is a stationary bike available? Set the tension to low and try some pedaling. You’ll be moving your legs, but without the resistance that comes from carrying your own weight and getting that blood moving to help heal the muscles. Go at a speed that’s comfortable and if your starting to feel better, ramp up the speed or increase the resistance.

Do stretches to help limber your body.

Start with a warm-up that gets blood circulating, like riding the stationary bike. Start with a simple stretch with hands over the head, then keep that position and bend forward then backward. Do it for three to seven repetitions. Follow it with the same number of low lunges that move up to a high twist, then move on to a Yoga cobra and hold. Lay flat on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders then lift your upper body to stretch your abs and upper muscles.

If you can’t even think of a leg lift, work your core muscles with a wall slide.

Put your back to the wall with your upper arms parallel to the floor, bent so the lower arms and hands are perpendicular. Slowly lower yourself keeping your back against the wall and bending at the knee, then straighten your arms upward. Keep your back, arms and the back of your legs in contact with the wall at all times. Once down, raise your body up again.

  • A kneeling hip flexor stretch can be added to your stretching efforts to help get your body back into shape and get back to your regular exercise program.
  • If you’re so sore that a light breeze against your body makes you want to crumble, take a day off. Your body definitely needs rest.
  • Try weight training—without the weights. Just going through the movements helps circulation, without adding to the damage.
  • Sometimes, the best way to get circulation going isn’t with exercise, but instead with a massage. Judge for yourself whether it’s in order.

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