Working Out With Small Weights

I have clients all over the world, many are from Houston, TX, and other towns near me. Most of my clients want that toned, lean look that’s so sexy. Most people are historically predisposed to hunting for a mate that looks healthy. It’s part of the evolutionary past that might have occurred because a healthier-looking person was more likely to provide healthy off springs. While trends for what is considered attractive change, one thing is certain, working out with small weights can help you get the healthy, curvy look that’s so popular now. Not only does it make you more attractive, it also makes you stay healthier.

Using lighter weights is great for HIIT—high intensity interval training—workouts that burn calories.

Some people believe that heavier weights will help you build muscle faster, but there are benefits to using lighter weights. You can modify your moves to work your muscles on all planes and do more repetitions. In fact, lightweight workouts are great for HIIT workouts, where you work at top intensity for a short time to get your heart rate at peak performance and then lower the intensity for an equal or longer period for recovery, volleying between the two throughout the workout. It burns tons of calories and continues even after the workout ends. Cutting back on the rest time between sets and reps can also build muscle faster as it burns fat.

You can do combination moves with lighter weights.

If you’ve ever tried to do a squat while you had weights in your hands, you know that lighter weights are important. It’s pretty tough to do shoulder press as you squat down if the weights are too heavy. Trying to do that, with weights are too heavy, can cause your form to suffer and having the proper form is the most important part of any exercise, followed by actually doing it. Using lighter weights lets you work your upper body as you do lower body exercises, getting a full body workout at one time.

People who want a toned look benefit from lighter weights.

Studies show that people who use lighter weights can build just as much muscle as those who use heavier weights. You can get just as much benefit, but have to sue them differently. They’re just another versatile tool that can help you get fit. Lighter weights are probably more versatile for the average person, since you can add them to more exercises.

  • What constitutes a lighter weight? It all depends on you. If a five pound weight is easy for you to lift, it’s a light weight. If a twenty pound one is well within your range to lift easily, it’s a lighter weight.
  • You’ll be able to learn a movement easier and have good form if you’re not struggling to lift a weight. That’s why lighter weights are good for the beginner. Once your form is perfected, you can add more weight.
  • Part of learning form is learning proper breathing. That’s more easily done when you use lighter weights. Taking deep breaths, through the belly and not the chest, helps you exercise longer when you use lighter weights.
  • You need to lift until you are fatigued and feel like you could do just one more move, but nothing beyond that. Don’t workout until you are completely fatigued. Don’t wait until your form suffers.

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