What’s Your Motivation To Stay Healthy?

People often wonder why I focus on helping you find your motivation to stay healthy and get fit. Getting fit isn’t like doing a term paper or doing last year’s taxes. You have to focus on it every day, not just one time or once a year. It involves more than just working out for a half hour a day or even an hour a day. It means you have to identify problems with your diet and learn to eat healthier, establish a program of regular exercise and learn to create new healthier habits, like drinking enough water or getting enough sleep.

You need to keep your motivation in front of you until healthy changes become a habit.

For the first few months, especially the first few weeks, you’ll be making changes that you didn’t know you needed to make. Maybe you just realized how many snacks you eat mindlessly, grabbing a handful of candy as you pass a coworkers desk or those fries you snitched from your partner’s plate. Finding time to workout is hard, especially in today’s busy world, so scheduling your workout at the same time every day can add to your motivation to do it.

There are times you simply don’t feel like working out.

A lot of things can affect your desire to get healthier and fit. A rainy day can be a low energy day and you just want to curl up on the couch and binge watch TV. Maybe you’ve had a bad day or a frustrating one and a big bowl of ice cream or a bag of chips could help you make it through the drama. That’s the very time you need that motivation, whether it’s living healthier, looking better or just feeling good again. Write down your motivation on sticky notes. Put it as a screen saver on your phone. Do what it takes so when you need it, it’s there for you to see.

Is your desire to look better what drives you? Use it.

I don’t care who you are, it’s tough to look at photos that reveal any flaws or extra weight, but it’s exactly what you should do for motivation, if that’s what drives you. Take a full body selfie in just a sports bra or other revealing style top and form fitting workout pants or shorts in the mirror. Note the spot you stood and every month, at the same time of day, take another selfie wearing the same clothing. Just knowing you’re going to have to show progress will keep you going, but so will keeping that picture and looking at it frequently. It’s super motivating, even before you see results and especially afterward.

  • If your health is a motivator, focus on the progress you make physically, not just in inches or pounds lost. If you couldn’t do two flights of steps a month ago and now it’s a breeze, write down that progress and congratulate yourself.
  • Find ways to make your life more active. Carry a healthy lunch and walk to the park to eat it. If you’re at home, do a plank while you’re watching TV.
  • Getting fit can mean getting more done. If you exercise every other day, on your off days, do something active. It can be something you’ve meant to do, like moving that couch and rearranging the living room. Do it with vigor and make it your workout.
  • Is your motivation to have more energy and good health to be a good mom or dad? Don’t wait to get fitter. Use that motivation to play with the kids and get active. Shoot some hoops, go for a bike ride with them or mimic animals walking.

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