What’s The Best Time Of Day To Workout?

If you’ve heard varying opinions on the best time to workout and wondered who was wrong or right, the answer is simple. No matter what time of day you workout, it’s the best time of day. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best time to exercise. There are good reasons for working out at any time of day. The most important factor is when is best for you and when you can do it consistently.

You are unique.

Some people simply don’t function their best in the early morning. It takes a while for them to wake up and be at peak performance. Others love the early morning hours when they won’t be interrupted. If you’re an early bird or have an unpredictable workday that defies scheduling, working out in the morning before the day starts and while you’re at peak energy is best.

Working out at lunch or after work has its advantages.

For some people, the biggest advantage of lunch or after-work workouts is sleeping in for an extra hour. But there are other reasons to workout later in the day. Even though previous beliefs were that working out too late can keep you awake, more recent studies show that it isn’t true. Newer studies show it may help you sleep better. Poor sleep or lack of sleep can increase ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and suppress the creation of leptin that makes you feel full. If you workout in the afternoon, your muscles have warmed up and you still have a high amount of energy, so you’ll have a better workout.

It’s all about scheduling a time and sticking with it.

No matter what time you workout, if it’s the best time for you to exercise consistently, it’s the right time. It’s all about fitting the workout into your schedule consistently and matching it with a time when you have your highest energy level. If your day is consistently interrupted and you never know when you’ll finish work, you’re better off exercising in the morning. Even if your energy level is low, you still can do it consistently.

  • Studies show that hormone levels in the morning make it the best fat-burning time. Some studies show you’ll burn more fat exercising on an empty stomach after fasting overnight.
  • If you workout after your workday ends, you’ll burn off the hormones of stress and can finish your day feeling more relaxed and stress-free. Are you prone to a mid-day slump? Exercising at noon can help.
  • Even if you aren’t a morning person, if your schedule won’t allow you to workout consistently any other time of day, working out in the morning is best. Once your body adjusts to early rising, you might realize that you enjoy it.
  • Put your workout on your schedule so it becomes a habit. Even though some studies show it’s easier to create a habit in the morning, everyone is different. Do what is best for you.

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