What Is The Best Day To Meal Prep?

If you’re using my ap or working out with me in Houston, TX, you know I highly recommend a program of healthy eating. Weight loss and fitness starts in the kitchen, which is why I made it easy for you with the weekly menu and shopping list ap. I’ve had several people follow the plan and ask what the best day to meal prep is. That’s one thing that’s so great about the program. You get to choose. It should be a day when you can have time to stay home and don’t have to go to work.

Some people use two days for meal prep.

Since the ap eliminates the need to create a menu and shopping list, that’s one task you don’t have to do. You still have to shop and should do it after you’ve eaten, to prevent those chips and snacks from jumping into your grocery cart or the need to check out empty cookie boxes. It happens and we all know it, so take precautions to prevent it. People who have a Monday through Friday job often do meal prep on the weekend. Most of the dishes can be created and cook while you do other things around the house.

If you have unusual hours, you be the judge.

It’s easy to say use your day off to cook, but I know those, like nurses and shift workers who have odd hours. They may work 10 hour shifts for four days or work a straight week and take a half week off. It’s all about having time at home to do the cooking. Once you make that time, the rest is a breeze. Just like our nutrition programs, find the one that works for you.

Planning your meals, including snacks, helps you avoid junk food.

It’s pretty easy to stop for drive-through or grab something quick and easy at the grocery, but you won’t be tempted when you know you have a great meal waiting for you at home that you can just heat and serve. In fact, it’s actually faster than waiting in the drive-through line or stopping for a quick meal from the deli section of your grocery. That’s why meal planning works…and helps you stay on track.

  • Don’t forget about snacks. You’ll be more likely to eat the cantaloupe or grapefruit if it’s already in the refrigerator in a bowl. It makes it easy to grab a quick snack and doesn’t pack on the pounds.
  • You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save after a few weeks, especially when you double the recipe and freeze meals for another week. In fact, you’ll probably be able to take a week or two off from prep after a while.
  • You’ll have pre-measured meals when you do meal prep and freeze ahead. That cuts the need to measure everything you eat when it’s dinner time, you’re starved and more likely to eat more than you should.
  • Meal prep saves money, too. You won’t have food that goes to waste. My ap makes it easy and each meal is designed with you in mind.

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