Thinner Thanksgiving

%image_alt%If all your childhood memories about Thanksgiving involve mountains of food that flow with rivers of gravy and have pie lining the banks of those rivers, you aren’t alone. Thanksgiving is normally a day where people consume enough calories for two to three days of normal eating—note I didn’t say healthier eating but “put the fat on” normal type of eating. A thinner Thanksgiving can mean a number of things from looking thinner to eating healthier. Here are just a few ways of achieving those things.

Start today to achieve a “thinner” you for the Thanksgiving holidays.

It’s never too late to start. Sure you won’t get the full effect of healthy eating and working out like you would if you’ve been doing it for months, but it is a step in the right direction. Not only will you learn more about the foods to select for your Thanksgiving feast, you’ll also end up with more energy and strength to get through the holidays.

Plan healthy alternatives.

If you’re having everyone over, just make sure that your menu is healthy. Have lots of fresh vegetables for snacks and some low calorie tasty dip. It can help keep down the hunger so you won’t be as apt to gobble up everything in front of you or load your plate to the limit. If you’re not doing all the cooking, take a healthy dish. If your family is like mine, normally everyone brings something to the celebration. You probably know most of the foods you’ll have at the feast and identify those lowest in calories, eating more of those and far less of the marshmallow laden sweet potato casserole or rich pecan pie.

Add an activity to the day.

Start your day with exercise. It helps burn off the hormones created by stress, while making you feel refreshed and happy. If the weather permits, plan an outside activity with the family, even if it’s just taking a walk. Most people love the idea of walking off the calories and helping their food to digest. You’ll find your suggestion will also help set a restful tone and avoid some of the high decibel noise level stress that occurs when there are a number of people in an enclosed area.

Go easy on the gravy. You can have a little of everything, even the mashed potatoes, but don’t drown out their delicious taste with a lake of gravy. It adds calories without adding nutrients.

Skip the whipped cream and opt for the lightest possible dessert. If you have a choice between fruit salad and pie, take the fruit salad.

Watch your portions. Keep them small and eat slowly. You’ll find you fill up faster that way. If you want to go back for seconds, wait before you do. Sometimes the brain doesn’t catch on that your body is full immediately.

Enjoy a great conversation and savor every bite. This is the time to be grateful for not just the bounty of food, but the company too. You’ll not only enjoy catching up with friends, you’ll eat slower in the process.

Thinner Thanksgiving
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Thinner Thanksgiving
There is such a thing as a thinner Thanksgiving. In fact, there are many different ways to achieve a thinner you at Thanksgiving time.
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