The Science Of A Great Workout

Most people don’t realize how much science is necessary for a great workout. You can do all the spot training you want and you won’t get the results you want. Do you want to lose weight? Don’t bother with spot exercises—also called isolation exercises, do compound and core strength training instead. They burn more fat, while building muscle tissue. The more muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolism is. That’s because muscle tissue requires more energy—calories—to maintain than fat tissue requires.

Find ways to torch calories while you’re doing them and afterward, too.

HIIT workouts aren’t a specific type of workout, but a way to do any type of exercise to maximize the benefits. You can even take HIIT walks. It’s a method where you do the exercise at peak intensity for a minute or two and then ease up for the same length of time or longer using a recovery intensity. If you’re walking briskly, walk fast and get your heart rate higher, then slow it down to catch your breath and resume walking fast again. You can do it with strength training, flexibility training and endurance training. It continues to burn calories hours after you finish the workout.

Compound exercises are better than isolation exercises.

Isolation exercises work just one muscle group, like bicep curls. Compound exercise work several muscles and joints when you do them. They include exercises like squats and lunges. It only makes sense that the more muscles and joints you move at once, the more calories you’ll burn. Focus on compound exercises and full body workouts.

It’s important to work on all areas of fitness.

There are four areas of fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance—cardio—and balance. You need all four areas to be your healthiest and look your best. Strength training helps build muscle tissue, burn calories and prevents injury. It can help prevent osteoporosis in later years. Flexibility workouts aid you in everyday life to prevent muscle strains and tears. Endurance training increases your energy level and allows you to workout longer. Balance training prevents injuries from falls and makes you look more graceful when you walk.

  • You’ll be able to work harder when you do compound exercises. Unlike isolation exercises, you’re not putting all the force on just one muscle group, but transferring it over dozens of muscles and joints.
  • Don’t worry about getting big and bulky when you do strength training. It’s especially difficult for women to do because of hormones, but even men have to have a special program to bulk up.
  • Having a preworkout snack and post workout meal or snack can keep you working out more effectively and help speed your recovery. These snacks should be a combination of protein and carbs.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated when you workout. It can help improve your workout by providing more energy. Even mild dehydration can sap the energy out of you.

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