Take Control Of Your Body

take controlWhen you try on beach wear do you feel like your body has turned against you and intentionally looks bad just to mock you. You don’t have to put up with it any longer. You can take control of your body and make it behave and look like you want it too. It takes effort on your part, but well worth it in the end. You just have to persevere until your body looks like you want. I’ll help you with the right type of exercises and a healthy eating regimen.

Never surrender to fat.

You may be at wits end thinking that you’ll be forever trapped in a body that’s overweight and out of shape, but I say nonsense. Even if you’ve failed to shed pounds before, it doesn’t make you a failure. It means you either know what doesn’t work or what throws you off track to the perfect body. I’ll work with you to insure you stick to the program and provide motivation until you see results. Results are the real motivator and with my program, you’ll get them fast.

Dedicate a month to sticking with the program.

If you think about dedicating a lifetime to exercise, it sounds overwhelming when you’re first starting a workout and healthy eating program. Instead, set a one month devotion to fitness. Take your measurements and weight when you start. Notice how long it takes before you run out of steam. Work your hardest for one month and stick to it. If at the end of the month you want to quit, feel free to do that. I guarantee if you follow my program to the letter, that won’t happen because you’ll see fantastic results.

Plan to go shopping after a few months.

Start putting away a few dollars a day for a big shopping trip. You’ll need to do that because none of your clothes will fit after a few months. Start today with that in mind and enjoy the process that gets you there. If you had loads of weight to lose and no “skinny” clothes in your closet, you may find that trip is necessary after just a month or two.

Only you can make the difference. I can provide the plan of exercise, healthy eating and motivation, but the success or failure all depends on you. Stick with it and you’ll tame your body.

Notice your energy level growing. The body is amazing. The more you work it, the more energy you seem to have. You’ll get work done faster while you’re losing weight and even want to become more active.

Love the feeling that comes with a good workout. While you’re working out, enjoy the daily effects that make it worthwhile. You’ll feel amazing after a workout since it burns off the hormones of stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

Enjoy your new way of eating. You won’t starve yourself and probably will eat more than you normally would. Best of all, the food tastes fantastic and helps you shed pounds.

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