Superfoods For An Active Person

If you’re looking for a definition of superfoods, don’t go to a scientific journal. It’s been used in popular press to indicate the food is packed with nutrition. When people ask me for help at R C Fitness in Houston, TX, about the best type of superfood to help boost their workout, give them more energy or build muscles, there’s no one right answer. In fact, many food choices are healthy and do all those things and more.

What’s your goal?

Your goal should be a well-balanced diet. However, after that, focusing on specific areas, like boosting energy and building muscles, is good. If you want to improve your overall energy or provide a boost of energy for a workout, consider a protein/carb combination. For instance, a pre or post workout snack can be Greek yogurt that’s topped with berries or other fruit a half hour before you workout. Greek yogurt is filled with healthy protein, probiotics and calcium and the fruit provides quick energy from the carbs and boosting muscle healing. In fact, all milk products combined with a carb can benefit your body, so a glass of chocolate milk could be an excellent option.

Cherries might be your answer.

One study that was exercise related focused on the effects of eating cherries and post exercise soreness, muscle pain and strength loss. The study used tart cherry products in varying amounts that were the equivalent of consuming 50 to 270 cherries every day. The results were significant. Not only did runners, who consumed cherries twice a day, every day, show improved recovery and performance, they had less pain. That’s due to the fact that cherries are anti-inflammatory.

Bananas are versatile and easy to transport.

You can freeze bananas and dip the tip in a bit of melted dark chocolate for a sweet, yet healthy treat or toss the frozen banana rounds in a blender to make an ice cream substitute. Bananas are high in potassium and vitamin B6. It can increase your electrolytes, improve digestion and lower blood sugar levels, while also acting as an anti-inflammatory. Roll that dark chocolate dipped banana in some crushed walnuts and you’ll boost the superfood status. Walnuts are rich in nutrients, including omega-3 and protein.

  • Combine superfoods in a great post-exercise snack that will help your recovery. Don’t settle for less. If you’ve selected yogurt and fruit as your snack, toss in some sliced bananas and chopped walnuts to increase benefits.
  • Include sweet potatoes in your diet for antioxidants vitamin A and C. They can aid in lowering blood pressure and are high in manganese, iron, manganese and copper, necessary for muscle building.
  • Make sure broccoli is part of your diet. It’s important for boosting muscle development, repairing cells and building new cells. You need adequate iron to carry oxygen to all parts of your body and broccoli has that too.
  • Don’t forget about eggs. While eggs may not have the glamour of other superfoods, they’re an inexpensive high quality protein and contain riboflavin, folic acid and vitamin B12, which increases endurance.

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