Successful Weight Loss Takes Programming, Not Will Power

I tell clients they have to get in the habit of exercise and eat healthier to boost their results. One reason I focus on healthy habits is because successful weight loss takes programming, not will power. Scheduling your workout at the same time every day is one tip that can help you stick with the program. Put it on your calendar, like an appointment, because it is an appointment with good health and energy. Like any habit, once formed, it’s hard to change.

I don’t focus on diet, but do encourage healthy eating.

You can’t out exercise a bad diet. If you’re taking in a huge amount of calories, you simply can’t exercise that long to burn them and the energy they provide is stored as fat. Start by making one small change in your diet, then move on to another change. Carry fruit with you for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. It will replace the chips, donuts or other junk you normally eat. Once in that habit, put more greens on your plate and cut out fried foods. Work on that a few weeks then cut all foods with added sugar. Just keep reprogramming yourself and you’ll see a remarkable change in your weight.

If you’re totally out of shape, start slower, but stick with it.

You might not be ready for a tough, calorie burning, belly crunching workout. That’s okay. Start at your level of fitness. If you can only do ten jumping jacks, do ten, but focus on increasing that number the next week. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build on your progress. Track your progress and make it a game. Within 30 days you’ll see a big difference in how much you’re actually able to do and how far you’ve come. Getting fit is all about making progress, no matter where you start.

Move more and make it a habit to be more physical.

If you’re used to driving down the block and circling the parking lot to find a parking space near the door, change that habit quickly. Instead, walk or ride a bike to a close destination. If you have to drive, park further from the door to get more steps in for the day. Take a break every hour if you have a sedentary job. You don’t have to leave your office or cubical, just stand up and move around a bit. Not only does it burn more calories, it gets your circulation going so you have more energy.

  • If you have health issues, always check with your health care professional before making any dietary or changes in your exercise habits. He or she will provide guidance on the approach you need to take.
  • Reward yourself when you stick with the schedule. The reward can be just giving yourself kudos for sticking with the program. The 30-Day Snapback Challenge has a built in reward system.
  • Understand that it isn’t about willpower. It’s about establishing a habit and sticking with the schedule. It’s easier to stick with a habit that you do at the same time every day, than try to find a time to workout every day that varies.
  • Your health is your wealth. It’s time to turn things around and get fitter. Without good health and energy, accomplishing anything else is far more difficult. Only you have the power to change you.

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