Small Steps To A Healthier You

I have a lot of online clients and those in Houston, TX, who find it tough to make all the changes for a healthier life at once. They find that changing their eating habits, working out regularly, getting more sleep and quitting unhealthy habits like drugs, tobacco use and abuse of alcohol in one felt swoop means they won’t stick with any of the goals. For those who have a lot of changes to make, taking small steps is better. No matter how you get there, the ultimate goal is always a healthier you that’s happy with how you look.

Pick one goal and work on consistency.

Of course, getting fit is your overall goal, but you can break it down to several goals, such as eating healthy or working out regularly. Start with either one and work on it for approximately six to eight weeks until it becomes a habit, then add the another addition to your fitness goals. You can start with working regularly or eating healthy, it doesn’t matter the idea is to take a step in the right direction.

Not ready for a major overhaul of your eating habits or starting an exercise program.

Maybe you don’t feel you’re fit enough to start a formal program of exercise or dive into a full blown healthy eating model, take baby steps toward your goal. If you start with exercise, just make sure you boost the amount of exercise you get in the process of daily living. Park further from the door and walk to the store or take the steps rather than taking the elevator. Rather than drive to the neighbor’s or the store, ride your bike. It all counts and is all good exercise.

Start by cutting out sugar.

You don’t have to learn how everything there is to know about nutrition to start eating healthier. Consider just giving up products with added sugar. It’s a lot harder than you think. Almost all processed food has added sugar. It’s in things you won’t suspect. The easiest way to avoid it is to eat more whole foods, rather than relying on processed ones.

  • Some processed foods have several types of sugar. The manufacturer does that to prevent sugar from being at the top of the list of ingredients, which then shows sugar as the primary ingredient. Instead, there are three to four different types of sugar in the middle of the list.
  • If giving up sugar as a start is still too big, begin by selecting healthy snacks. Take fresh fruit or nuts and dried fruit to work as your snack for mid morning and mid afternoon. Make sure you have single serving sizes ready.
  • Getting adequate sleep is also important, just as keeping hydrated. Both affect your appetite and energy level. When you do both, you’ll get a start on the road to weight loss. Either could be the start of your fitness program.
  • If you want a whole program that’s easy to use, check out the apps we have available. You can do the entire program at once or just sign up for part of it at Reggie C Fitness Online training.

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