Should You Count Calories Or Macronutrients?

At RC Fitness in Houston, TX, we focus on helping you achieve the best version of yourself. Part of that process is losing weight for some clients. That brings the question of the best way to lose weight. Should you count calories or macronutrients? There is no simple answer, since it’s a personal preference that should be based on your goals, lifestyle and needs. Do you feel the need to be completely accurate or is a more relaxed option better? What’s your relationship with food? Do you want something that’s easy to use the rest of your life or more concise for right now?

It’s more about awareness than an actual number.

People often think that they don’t eat that much and must have a slow metabolism. Sometimes, just identifying exactly how much they really do eat is all that is necessary. That can occur with both techniques. Sometimes, learning which foods are really high calorie and being made more aware of lower calorie options is all it takes. Recording your food intake not only makes you realize how often and how much you eat, it makes you more aware of portion control.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re counting carbs or calories, the results are the same.

With both methods of tracking your food consumption, you’re more aware of your eating habits. In a way, it makes you more mindful when you eat and that’s a good thing. You’re forced to track every morsel and judge the portion size you consume. You’re also more aware of what you drink and how that counts up, whether it’s in calories or carbs. In the case of many people, that alone can get people to switch from soft drinks to water or infused water.

Both tracking techniques will teach you how to eat healthier.

While macronutrient counting tends to be my favorite when it comes to learning how to eat healthier, both calorie and macronutrient tracking teach you a great many lessons. The both identify serving size and help you with portion control. Both help you make adjustments to lower your caloric intake or balance your micronutrient intake. You’ll learn what every bite represents and have the information to decide whether it’s actually worth the extra calories or carbs when you eat it.

  • It won’t take long, whether you’re using macronutrient tracking or calorie counting, to identify ultra-high calorie foods. It helps you decide whether that extra piece of cake is really worth it.
  • Both types of tracking programs are used to help you retrain your brain and your taste buds. Sugar is often omitted from both types and it is responsible for changing the way your body tastes sweet things.
  • With both types of tracking, you’ll develop an internal guide by sticking with a program until it’s internalized. Later, if you find yourself gaining weight, you can look at your eating habits and make adjustments.
  • Finding the best program for your needs is what’s important. It’s all about finding a program you’ll stick with and follow through to get results.

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