Push Past Your Comfort Zone

Push Past Your Comfort Zone

I hear so many people who come in and tell me they just aren’t seeing results. The main reason I find is that they’ve been doing the same exercise routine for years and never upped the ante or made it harder. You have to push past your comfort zone in order to get the maximum results from your fitness program. If you’re spending the time working out, make sure it’s worthwhile. That’s one reason people benefit from using the services of a personal trainer.

Personal trainers always keep you working out toward your maximum potential.

Before you start with me, I assess your overall fitness and create a program designed especially for you. It will be tough at first, but as you get stronger and fitter, you’ll be able to accomplish all goals. That’s when I really help you by adjusting your workout to your new fitness level. You’ll always be working hard, but that way, you’ll always be making progress. If you’re presently working on your own, ask yourself, “When was the last time I made my workout more difficult?” You probably won’t be able to remember.

Find ways to get extra exercise.

Making anything more physically difficult isn’t our natural inclination. That’s why we often take the car when we only have to go a few blocks or take the elevator. Now is the time to stretch your anticipation. Next time you go to a neighbors or to a nearby store, walk there briskly or run. Take the stairs and not the elevator. If you have an opportunity to choose between a sedentary way of doing something and a more physical one, take the physical route. It’s often these small steps that add to your overall fitness.

Learn the right way to do each exercise.

When you’re pushing yourself to the limit, it can be easy to use the wrong form, but that can minimize the benefits and may even be dangerous. If you’re trying to build a specific group of muscles that are not strong enough YET, you may use smaller muscle groups to help you get through the exercise. Those muscles weren’t intended to work that hard, which can cause injury. When you’re pushing yourself, make sure you not only watch the instructor, but also have someone watch you when you do it, to insure you’re doing it correctly.

While you’re pushing past your comfort zone in exercise, do the same when it comes to eating. Try new dishes that are healthier alternative. The worst that can happen is you’ll say, “I’ll never eat that again.”

Build your workout program gradually, but continuously. Add a few extra minutes, reps or sets every week or so.

Get the help of a personal trainer. You don’t have to use the trainer’s services every day or every week, but just enough so he or she can help you raise the bar on your exercise program.

Aim high! Too many people underestimate themselves. Never give up. Aim high and keep going until you reach that goal.

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