Pros And Cons Of Going To The Gym With Someone Else

If you hate not knowing anyone when you go to some place, going to the gym with someone can make you feel better. It also can help you stick with your workout program in a variety of ways. There are pros and cons to working out with someone else. Knowing someone is going with you makes you more apt to go and is why personal trainers have a high success rate. While they may hold you accountable, if they aren’t dedicated to exercise and want to skip it, or can’t go one day, you may not either.

Being held accountable is a huge benefit.

If you go to the gym with someone else and use them as your workout partner, they’ll hold you accountable in several ways. If someone is beeping their horn in front of your home or waiting at their house for you to pick them up, you’ll make a bigger effort to be ready. One study found that people were 78% more likely to stick with an exercise program if someone called them twice a week.

Workout partners can check your form.

Maintaining the correct form makes a huge difference in the success of any exercise. If you go to the gym with someone and work out with that person, you’ll also be more likely to push yourself and do every repetition, even if you’re tired. You’ll get better results. Working out with a friend will help you try different exercises instead of sticking with the same routine.

Not all friends are good workout buddies or motivating.

If you have a workout buddy who’s more than willing to skip a day or two, you may have a problem. You’ll be holding them accountable, and if they don’t care enough to go, you might skip exercising. It helps to find someone at the same fitness level as you. It provides a more competitive workout. They can drag you down and make you less productive if they aren’t at your fitness level.

  • If you go to the gym with someone, have a backup plan. Your partner may get sick, have an emergency, or be less dependable. If your partner bails, keep up your program.
  • Safety is important. Going to the gym with someone else can make it safer, especially if you go at night. They can be your spotter if you’re lifting weights and provide help to maintain proper form.
  • Working out is more fun if you have someone with you. You’ll look forward to going to the gym when it’s fun. Just make sure you focus on the exercise more than the entertainment.
  • Everyone needs a little praise. A workout partner can provide that. If you’ve struggled with a specific exercise and finally made it through a set of reps, being congratulated is motivating.

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