Nothing Tastes As Good As Healthy Feels

Changing your diet isn’t all about losing weight. It’s about feeling healthy and full of energy too. When clients at RC Fitness in Houston, TX, tell me how hard it is to give up certain foods, I tell them to give it a month, then reassess. There’s evidence that the longer you go without junk food, the more your taste buds can taste the true flavor of whole food and it tastes pretty good.

One study found that within a short period, people changed their preference for saltiness.

They were given salt-free soup throughout the weeks of the study on a regular basis. They were allowed to salt the soup to taste. The amount added each time was measured and noted. By the end of the study, the test group used half the salt to flavor the soup as they did in the beginning. Their taste buds had adjusted to a diet that required less salt for flavoring. By changing the diet and taste, the lower sodium intake helped lower blood pressure, kept kidneys healthier and made it easier to lose weight.

Cutting out food with added sugar can boost your energy.

It will take a while to realize the difference, but within a month, you’ll suddenly realize you no longer have that dragged out feeling mid-afternoon and that morning coffee will keep you going strong all day, without the need for a second cup at any time. While it’s tough to give up sugary treats, after a few weeks, you’ll notice just how sweet fruit tastes and how good you feel. Sugar metabolizes fast, but in a short time, you’ll crash just as fast and need more sugar to keep going. It’s a vicious cycle that also packs on the pounds.

You’ll look fabulous.

Not only will you lose weight, you’ll lose abdominal fat, those pounds packed on around the middle. Eating junk food causes spikes in blood sugar that floods the body with insulin and promotes fat around the mid section. That type of fat around your belly is visceral fat, the most dangerous type. It crowds the organs and floods them with hormones that can cause cancer and heart disease.

  • Expect to see changes in your skin. Not only will you have a glow, a low sugar diet stops glycation. Glycation slows the repair of the collagen in your skin, and that causes wrinkles and sagging. The less sugar you eat, the more youthful your skin will look.
  • You’ll love looking in the mirror and admiring your new body. Within just 30 days, you will see a difference, especially if you follow a program of regular exercise with the dietary change.
  • Your cravings for junk food will diminish, but if you eat your favorite after 30 days, you won’t find it quite as delicious as you remembered. That’s because your taste buds have changed.
  • You’ll feel better. Some people describe it as feeling clean after a meal. Part of that is from the increased fiber that cleans your system from the inside outward.

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