Look Good Naked

I’m always amazed at some of the new clothing products available, such as Spanx that help you look far slimmer and fit when you’re dressed. While they are made of newer materials, the concept is the same as corsets and girdles, but less confining. Those undergarments may make your clothing fit better, but do you look good naked? Rather than spending money on clothing to conceal being out of shape or overweight, it’s better to take the time to workout and eat healthy, so you’ll feel confident and look fabulous at the beach.

You’ll get huge benefits from working out and eating healthy.

Working out regularly and eating healthy gives you the freedom to look fabulous at any time, any place. That’s a huge benefit. It can make you feel confident anywhere—even in the bedroom. Exercise and healthy eating gives you more energy, so you’ll get more done quicker. It helps you think faster, for those of you that sit in front of a computer as part of your job. You’ll have energy to spare to enjoy your free time and have fun with the family.

Looking good naked will boost your love life tremendously.

If you have a life partner, not only will he or she be more receptive to your new look, you’ll feel sexier and more confident. For those that don’t, this new look could be the confidence builder you need to start a relationship. For men, working out boosts testosterone levels, while women get improved circulation and that can improve sex organ functioning. Eating healthy doesn’t leave you feeling bloated, which is a real mood killer.

Not only will you get a great body and more energy, you’ll get confidence and more.

Studies show that people have an improved self-image just by starting a program of exercise. You can imagine how much better they feel about themselves when changes start to come. Not only will you improve your mood and confidence, you’ll think faster. Cutting out sugar can reduce inflammation to the brain and exercise can lower the risk of depression, even reversing it. It’s good for your spirit and mind.

  • Exercise improves memory and cognitive functioning. It boosts circulation delivering oxygen and nutrient laden blood to all parts of the body, including the brain.
  • Exercise improves your posture. Even if you initially don’t have all the confidence you need, you’ll look like you do with good posture. The more confident you look, the more confident you’ll become.
  • Stress can play havoc with your mood and body. Exercise burns off the hormones of stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel more at ease and happy. Happy is sexy.
  • While those undergarments can make you look thinner, they can’t make you look younger. Eating healthy and exercise can. Whether you’re naked or clothed, that’s a huge plus.

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