How To Tailor Your Diet To You

To get the best results and a diet that you’ll stick with or a healthy eating plan that’s good for you for a lifetime, you need to tailor your diet to you. Some of the tailoring is important for more than just taste preferences. Some people can’t digest certain foods properly, lactose and gluten intolerance are examples of that. There are also food allergies that affect the type of food on your diet. List all the foods you can’t eat because of health reasons first.

Add in the food preferences.

Not everyone loves oysters, some people rave about them, while others gag watching people eat them. That’s a distinct food preference. Now if you hate vegetables, you’ll be out of luck because every healthy diet needs fruits and vegetables, so skipping those is not an option. Find either new healthy ways to cook vegetables or combinations you like raw. That’s super important.

Make sure the diet contains all the essentials.

A healthy diet should have a lean source of complete protein at each meal, vegetables at each meal and for snacks in between, healthy fat at least once a day…avocado sounds great…plenty of water throughout the day an consist mostly of whole foods. Whole foods are foods that are closest to their natural state and have been processed very little. Whole foods contain far more nutrients than processed foods, so you get more nutrition without having extra calories.

Identify the times you overeat.

Everyone has an eating trigger. Some people reach for a donut when they’re tired, while others soothe their stress with sugary treats, chips or fries. If you know what your trigger is and how you appease it, it’s easy to find a healthier substitute. If you grab a bag of chips when you’re angry because you like the crunch, pack raw vegetables and have it ready for those stressful times. Do you want to drown your sorrows in Ben and Jerry, low fat yogurt could be just the trick. Are you tired and need a lift. Try water. That’s right. Cold water will wake you up faster than coffee or sweets.

Identify the foods you love and find ways to make them without the fat and calories. Vegetable lasagna is delicious, but it’s made with zucchini instead of lasagna noodles.

Try a new low calorie treat each week. Be adventurous. Try mangosteen or other exotic fruit you may never have tried. There’s a whole world of interesting foods that are both healthy and delicious.

Create your personalized diet with several smaller meals, such as six. You’ll feel less hungry and have more energy.

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