How To Make Your Weekend More Active

If your Saturdays consist of sleeping in and remaining in your pajamas for the rest of the day, it’s time to make your weekend more active. Getting active can also help you in other ways. It can help you get those pesky chores out of the way that have been waiting for ages and form better bonds with family and friends. Most of the time, people who lounge on the weekend end up watching reruns of shows they don’t even like or viewing the same adorable Facebook picture of a cat that managed to shred all the toilet paper. It’s time to make the most of your day and declare independence from inactivity. You’ll find you feel more refreshed than you would if you just sat or lounged the whole day.

Take the family or friends for an adventure.

The adventure doesn’t have to be mountain climbing or safari hunting. It can be something as simple as going to a local museum or a flea market. Both of these require you spend time walking and you’ll have fun in the process. Shopping is another potential, even if it’s just window shopping. A picnic at the park, day at the beach or pool and even going to a festival or out dancing at night burns off the calories and gets you fitter..

Clean your home and do some chores.

Okay, you probably hate me by now, but you don’t have to clean everything at once. Take one room at a time and do some deep cleaning that requires a little elbow grease. Clean out the refrigerator and scrub the inside. Scrub down the bathroom or wash the walls. Washing windows, especially if you use step a ladder to do them and raking leaves or gardening get you moving too. You get the idea by now, do something that makes you move.

Change your mode of transportation.

Spend one weekend relying on your bike, your two feet or public transportation to get in the extra exercise. I know a woman that retired after years of having a job where she had to drive from one of her offices to another several times a day. She gave up her car keys when she retired and opted for a bike. This lady had never taken public transportation either, so she studied the bus route, walked to the nearest bus stop and spent a few weeks learning the ropes. She swears to me that bus stops are quite far from her shopping and stopping haunts, so she had to travel on foot quite frequently. She was far more fit after her first year of doing this, without adding any extra workout to the mix.

Have fun with your kids or younger children in your family. If you don’t have children, give a friend or family member a break and do something with their children for an hour or two. You’ll be exhausted but in a good way.

Do something for someone else. Find a charity you feel strongly about and do some work for them that requires physical effort or stop by an elderly neighbors or family members home and do a few extra chores for them. You’ll feel good about yourself and shed pounds in the process.

Look for healthy food bargains. Lots of places that let you pick the produce, such as strawberries or apples, offer huge discounts when you pick them yourself. Get plenty for the freezer so you have them over the off season too.

No matter how dragged out you feel, get up, take a shower and go for a walk. If you haven’t planned anything, walking can clear your head and boost your energy level. While you’re walking you’ll also come up with great activities for the rest of the day.

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