How To Exercise With Bad Feet

If you have bad feet, running long distances in Houston, TX, isn’t the type of exercise you should be doing, but you should be doing some form of exercise. The right type of exercise can even help strengthen both your feet and ankles. A physical therapist can help you with those. Here are some exercises you can do for the rest of your body. They’ll help strengthen every part, plus build cardio and flexibility fitness. Start with stretches. If your issue with your feet doesn’t allow you to put pressure on them. You can do stretching while sitting.

Bad feet means avoiding high impact exercises.

Whether the problem is temporary, like a twisted ankle or cut, or something that heals more slowly, low impact workouts like water exercises or seated workouts can be perfect. Even battle ropes can be done in a seated position. Modifying some of the positions can be helpful for relieving the stress on the feet. Instead of butt kicks, where you’re standing, get on hands and knees and do donkey kicks, removing the pressure from the feet.

A chair can be workout equipment.

You can sit in a chair and workout or use the chair as a rest for your feet as you lay on your back on the floor. Even people with walking boots can train. Always start your workout with stretching then begin with an upper body workout. Throw punches, do air boxing, make angel wings or do shoulder presses. Doing the arm motions to a jumping jack, without the jump, can also get your blood circulating and provide good exercise for upper body toning and cardio.

Work your lower body without putting pressure on your feet.

That same chair used for the upper body workout, where you sat on it, now becomes a bench for your feet. This time you lay on the floor and lift your feet, putting them on the chair making your knee angle almost 90 degrees. Keep your hands beside your body and lift your bottom off the floor, creating a 45 degree angle from your shoulders to your knees. This is a modified bridge that puts no pressure on your feet. It strengthens the core muscles, while also working on the glutes.

  • Do ankle circles throughout the day to build the muscles in the ankles, calves and feet. Do foot stretches to strengthen the muscles in your feet. Always check with your health care professional first.
  • If you feel pain or undo pressure when doing any foot or ankle exercise, stop. Putting pressure on an already injured area will slow the healing.
  • You can even modify push-ups by using a footrest, chair or couch. Lay the front of your thigh on your support of choice and do upper body workouts, like push-ups.
  • If you’re confined to a couch, you can still do strength training. Just use resistance bands. You can even use them while watching TV. It will keep your hands busy and make it less likely you’ll snack while sitting.

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