How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

People in Houston, TX, exercise for a variety of reasons. Some people simply love it. Others exercise to look their best. Still, others love the health benefits and the fact that you live longer when you exercise. It can improve the production of stem cells that repair the body and extend telomeres that protect the cells. Obesity is now the leading cause of preventable death. It can lead to serious conditions, including diabetes. By helping you look your best and preventing obesity, it extends your life expectancy.

Exercise and a healthy diet can keep you looking younger.

Exercise and a healthy diet protect the cells and keep you younger at a cellular level. Exercise lengthens the telomeres. Those are similar to aglets on the end of shoelaces. They keep the DNA from unraveling. The longer they are, the more protection they provide. Exercise also increases stem cells. Stem cells can become any type of cell and repair damaged areas. A healthy diet provides antioxidants that protect the cells. It helps reduce inflammation that can cause health issues.

Exercise can help ease joint pain and improve heart health.

If you sit on the couch and avoid exercise, fearing you might hurt yourself or cause injury, you’re probably doing just the opposite. Exercise helps lubricate the joints and can relieve joint pain. The heart is a muscle, and like any muscle, it needs to get a workout to stay strong. Exercise can increase heart rate and give your heart a workout. It increases muscle strength and helps lower blood pressure too. If you exercise regularly, you probably won’t wear out, but if you don’t, you definitely will rust out.

With just a few exceptions, exercise is for everyone.

If you’ve never worked out previously and the heaviest thing you’ve lifted was the full plate at the buffet, you need to exercise. The key is to start with easier workouts and not to push yourself too hard at first. Learn the proper form for each exercise first. Focusing on your form is vital and can help prevent injury and maximize the benefits. Everyone can do some type of exercise. Some exercises can be done in a wheelchair or bed. It improves circulation and sends oxygen and nutrient-laden blood to all parts of the body.

  • Stress triggers a rush of hormones that prepare the body for fighting or running. If neither occurs, it leads to long-term changes that threaten health. Exercise helps burn off the hormones of stress.
  • Exercise doesn’t have to be calisthenics. It can be as simple as walking. An Australian study showed that when sedentary people started walking 10,000 steps a day, it reduced their mortality risk by 40%.
  • Exercise increases nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide relaxes and expands the blood vessels. That reduces resistance and lowers blood pressure.
  • Exercise helps your mental health. It can relieve depression and anxiety. It also helps improve cognitive function and is often used with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

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