How Accountability Can Increase Results!

What is accountability? There are a lot of definitions, but they all boil down to someone holding you personally responsible for your actions. When you work with a personal trainer, he or she tracks your progress when you exercise and measures and records your success. The trainer knows your goals and what you should be achieving, so if you don’t meet them, either you didn’t follow the path or there needs to be changes in how you reach those goals. Someone who has to meet a trainer at a gym or report to a trainer is being held accountable for his or her actions.

If you workout with a trainer and record your results, you’ll be more apt to finish every set.

Everyone has probably gotten near the end of a task and wanted to quit. Getting started may be a problem, but finishing something is just as big a problem, maybe worse. It’s the same for working out. You’re tired and achy. It seems so easy to just cut out the last few push-ups or last few minutes, where in reality, it’s those minutes that do the most good. If you’re working with a trainer and reporting your progress, being held accountable, you’re more likely to do every set and finish the entire workout.

Accountability is important in diet, too.

One reason people often fail to lose weight is that they don’t realize just how much they eat. How many times have you walked into the kitchen and mindlessly grabbed a cookie or a cracker, and you weren’t even hungry! Whether it’s cookies, candy or snack food, eating out of habit, rather than hunger, does occur. Whether you follow a specific diet plan or choose to eat healthy, recording everything you eat, you’ll be more aware of those habits. When you’re accountable for tracking food, no matter which way, you’ll be more successful.

Everyone wants recognition for their success, too.

Being held accountable isn’t all about having to report failure. It’s also about reporting success. Whether it’s a workout friend or one of the RC Fitness Team, it’s nice to be able to report how well you’re doing. Unless someone is also going through the same weight loss and fitness struggles, has been there or works with others with the same problems, they simply don’t understand what an accomplishment it is to be successful.

  • Having a friend to workout with and share your trials and tribulations is also important. Not everyone has a friend that wants or needs to transform their body and fitness. It’s important to find other ways to get support and accountability.
  • Documenting your progress with a log or through pictures also holds you accountable and gives you a visual for success.
  • Being held accountable keeps your goals to the forefront. Whether it’s logging into the dashboard or recording your progress, it keeps your mind on your fitness goals.
  • Getting fit and even being held accountable can actually be fun. It’s always important to challenge yourself and see how much you can achieve. Consider fitness your challenge.

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