Have You Tried LISS Cardio?

One of the latest methods of working out is LISS cardio. LISS stands for low intensity steady state. Unlike HIIT—high intensity interval training—that alternates the intensity between high intensity and a recovery pace, while attempting to reach 80 to 95% of your maximum heart rate for short periods, LISS is a steady state workout that attempts to maintain a consistent heart rate of approximately 50 to 65 % of heart rate.

Which type of exercise is best.

You have to polar opposites, but which type is best. According to most experts, there’s room for both in your exercise program. While you can use HIIT for almost any type of activity, brisk walking, running, biking, swimming and other cardio workouts are normally LISS activities. While one disadvantage of LISS is that it takes longer to be effective, it does burn a lot of calories and trains your aerobic system. Over time, one study finds that there is no significant differences in results.

Besides burning a ton of calories and being more effective for fat loss, LISS has other benefits.

Whether you’re older, completely out of shape or recovering from an injury, LISS is beneficial. It’s good for people of all levels of fitness. It’s not as hard on the body and recovery is faster from LISS than from HIIT. If you’re participating in a marathon or other endurance event, LISS is extremely effective. You can combine LISS with HIIT. It’s a good exercise technique to use for recovery.

When is LISS not appropriate or not the best way to workout.

Are you cramped for time? LISS may not be for you. HIIT workouts can get results with shorter workouts. You need a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes for working out. Steady state workouts that are lengthy can be particularly boring. It’s one reason people often listen to music or podcasts when doing them. Another drawback it the potential for overuse injuries that occur when you do the same workout too often or too long.

  • You can alternate between HIIT and LISS workouts. If you have a busy schedule, save the LISS longer workouts for the weekend and do HIIT during the week or when you’re cramped for time.
  • No matter what type of exercise program you choose, always check with your health care professional to make sure it’s safe for you to do, especially if you have preexisting health conditions.
  • You have to focus more when you do HIIT workouts than with LISS workouts, since the pace is continuous with LISS. You can use the mental break to focus on breathing techniques or as a meditative time.
  • If you’re just starting an exercise program, LISS is far easier to do than HIIT. Recovery is also quicker. It also helps build endurance for longer periods of exercise better than HIIT.

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