Get The Right Gear

The right gear doesn’t mean the right “in-style, latest outfit.” It does mean having the clothing appropriate for the workout, the right equipment and good shoes. The clothing appropriate for a hard workout doesn’t have to be pretty, but it should soak up sweat—they’ll be a lot of that in our programs. Comfortable shorts and t-shirts that don’t restrict your movement and socks that absorb sweat. Some people wear a head band or backward hat to soak up the sweat and keep it of their brow. For ladies, you’ll need something to tie your hair back if it’s long.

Shoes, an important element that needs to fit well.

Since we train boxers, many people think they need special boxing shoes. You don’t absolutely need special boxing shoes but you do need at least comfortable, well-fitting athletic shoes. A good pair of real boxing shoes is best since they help your overall performance. They add speed, agility, mobility and are extremely comfortable. Boxing has you moving in ways most sports don’t. The shoes help with that movement. Best of all, even if you’re a beginner who just wants a workout, you’ll have a comfortable pair of shoes that allows you to do that and that can be worn for all the exercises we provide.

Good gloves are a must.

There are all types of boxing gloves. Some high quality, some not. Using the wrong gloves can cause injury to your hands. That’s one reason we supply the first set of gloves for beginners. As an expert in the area of boxing, I know the right type of glove to choose. As you progress further in boxing, it’s time to start looking at different types of gloves, such as competition gloves or sparring gloves, over all purpose gloves.

Hand wraps protect your hands as you’re punching.

Boxing is a lot about the use of the hands and they can take a beating. Hand wraps help protect the knuckles and small bones in the hand. They come in a lot of different lengths, normally between 108 and 180 inches. There are classic-style wraps and “Mexican-style” wraps. Classic-style wraps are shorter and don’t stretch like Mexican-style ones do. These are normally the easiest for beginners to use. There are even junior wraps for young boxers that are shorter than either the classic-style or Mexican-style wrap.

– Get a gym bag to carry your workout clothes and other essentials. It doesn’t have any other requirements, but being sturdy and longer lasting.

– When you spar against a partner, you’ll need a mouthpiece, headgear and groin or chest protector.

– While most people train solely at the gym, if you train at home a bag is an important item to have.

– Also for at home practice, don’t forget a jump rope. There are all types of jump ropes, but when you first start working out, inexpensive is the way to go. You can opt for weighted, a speed rope or other options once you get established and know what you personally need to develop further.

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