Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat

Getting fat around your abdomen can be huge problem that’s tough to eliminate. What causes lower belly fat? A lot of things cause it. It can come from a bad diet, which includes both diet and regular soft drinks. It also can occur if you don’t exercise or lead a life that’s filled with stress. Just knowing the causes provides a key to eliminating the problem. Making changes in your lifestyle will do it.

Eating healthy is the first step.

While I’ve heard that people who eat primarily vegetables say it eliminated their “potbelly” after a few months, I believe that it wasn’t just sticking with a vegan lifestyle that did it. They became more aware of what they ate and ate healthier. Not only does a vegan or vegetarian diet include more fiber, it also is lower in saturated fat and filled with nutrients. You don’t have to go strictly vegetarian to get these benefits, but you do have to eat a healthy diet. Focus on eating more fruits and vegetables and definitely cut back on processed food or food with added sugar. You also need a good source of protein to lose belly fat, such as eggs, fish, nuts, lean meat or dairy.

Get ready, get set, exercise!

If you aren’t already exercising, just doing something simple as taking a 30 minute walk each day—or three ten minute walks—can help slim you down and get rid of belly fat. While all types of aerobic workouts help, so does lifting weights and strength building workouts. Spot exercising doesn’t work, since you don’t lose weight in a specific area but all over your body. It will, however, tone the abdominal muscles. I have some great videos available on exercises that will blast that belly fat firm. You have to be consistent and you have to shed those extra pounds to get the full benefit.

Could your pooch come from stress?

Stress is a killer! It can cause changes to the body that are both dangerous and frankly, not attractive at all. One of the hormones of stress, cortisol, is closely linked with belly fat. So how do you deal with it? If you’re like most people, you can’t quit your job and lock yourself in a stress-free room, so you have to learn techniques. Meditation and breathing exercises can help you deal immediately. Exercise also burns off the hormones of stress. If you can, when stress hit, go for a walk, run up and down stairs or just get moving until you feel better. Have you ever wondered why people pace? Moving is a natural response to stress.

  • Not only what you eat makes a difference, what you drink does, too. Skip those soft drinks! They have loads of sugar. Even diet colas are a problem. In fact, they may be worse, since studies show they cause belly fat.
  • Speaking of drinks, alcoholic beverages also boost your belly fat. You’ve probably heard of a beer belly, but all alcoholic beverages increase weight around the middle. Alcohol is loaded with calories, slows your system and is an appetite stimulant.
  • Get more sleep. If you’re deprived of sleep, not only will you move more slowly, you’ll be ravenous. Lack of sleep increases the amount of hunger hormone in your body and limits the hormone that makes you feel full.
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