Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

%image_alt%There’s a reason it’s called your comfort zone. It’s easy. It’s familiar and it’s comfortable! However, doesn’t give you the same fantastic feeling when you’re finally achieving something new or the confidence you feel when you reach a goal. Living in your comfort zone means missing all that life has to offer you. It also can be devastating to any fitness program. Just as a comfort zone is stifling to creativity, achievement and even fun, it’s also lethal to fitness programs. Sure, you’ll be healthier, because doing something is always better than doing nothing, but you won’t see the changes you’ve hoped to achieve.

Take it to the max!

Live a little! Start today! You don’t have to sky dive, quit your job and ride the rails or sit in a room filled with snakes and spiders just to face your fears or do something life altering. You can start with a healthy change that won’t force you to leave town, endanger your social standing or income. That change is also healthy and can alter your life for ever! It might sound boring at first until you realize how difficult it can be, but how phenomenal the results are. It’s changing your looks and your confidence through a program of exercise and healthy eating that will challenge you, but still be a blast to do.

If it were easy, everyone would look fabulous.

Taking it to the max means you’ll be working out far beyond levels you’ve ever experienced. You’ll soon be doing things you’ve never thought possible before you started. You’ll see muscles that remained hidden by years of inactivity and notice there’s a whole new you hiding underneath the person you used to be.

Moving beyond your comfort zone gets fabulous results and helps you with more than just fitness goals.

The more change you see, the more you’ll want to see and the more confident you’ll become in other areas. You’ll develop the confidence to change your life in positive ways, such as asking for a raise or even finding a better job you really enjoy. You’ll have a whole new outlook on life that will lead you to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Getting out of your comfort zone will also help make you healthier. The program of regular exercise will give you the energy and stamina to face life’s challenges, while also lowering the risk of serious conditions.

You’ll learn to eat healthier. People often find that the new way of eating is far more enjoyable than their previous diet, which they often ate because it was familiar, not because they enjoyed it.

You’ll look fabulous and feel dynamic. Others will notice the change and you’ll find many new doors to opportunities opening.

As you conquer each goal, you’ll start to believe you can do anything you set your mind to do. You’ll be right in believing it.

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