Fruit Is Your Friend

There’s nothing better than eating a cold piece of fruit on a hot day in Houston, TX. In fact, I know people that freeze grapes and snack on them during the hottest day. They’re like Mother Nature’s Popsicle. Fruit is a good option as part of a breakfast. It offers a higher sugar content to get you going, but the fiber slows the glucose entering your blood stream so you always have a constant stream of energy. The fiber also fills you up and keeps you full longer.

There are a lot of nutrients in fruit.

If you want to boost your nutrition, eat fruit as a snack. Unlike sugary treats that causes harm to the body, fruit contains beneficial nutrients and fiber. One study compared people that ate a minimum of two servings of fruit a day, with an additional three servings of vegetables for a total of five servings, to those that ate just two servings of total. That combination provides nutrients that lower the risk of death from any cause by 13%, reduced the risk of death from heart disease by 12%, reduced the risk of death from cancer by 10% and the death from respiratory disease by 35% when compared to people who ate just two servings of fruits or vegetables a day.

Fruit helps lower the risk of diabetes.

It’s the fiber in fruit that helps regulate the blood sugar levels, so drinking fruit juice won’t do the trick. You have to eat the entire fruit. The bulk from the fiber also helps aid digestion. You need to eat a wide variety of fruits to ensure you get a variety of benefits. For instance, apples provide polyphenols that helps lower blood pressure and are linked to reduced risk of stroke. Eating apples can help with asthma and improve dental and brain health. You can fight inflammation with blueberries, cherries and pineapple and bananas act like a natural beta-blocker.

Combine fruit with a source of protein for a pre or post workout or a meal.

Whether you opt for Greek yogurt with fruit, eating sliced apples with peanut butter or snacking from a fruit and cheese tray, you’ll get a protein and carbohydrate source that’s nourishing and can keep your energy level for hours. Having a half grapefruit with toast topped with nut butter or an egg is also a complete meal that will keep you going for a long time.

  • The anthocyanins in blueberries were studied as a way of stopping or reducing the risk of colon cancer. However, it was found that it’s the synergy of all the nutrients that help reduce the risk.
  • You don’t have to eat fresh fruit to get the benefits. You can use frozen fruit or canned fruit. In fact, frozen fruit may contain more nutrients than the fruit in the produce department. Just make sure it doesn’t have added sugar.
  • Make fruit ice by freezing sliced fruit and throwing it into a blender or food processor for a fruit ice. It has to be the whole fruit for benefit. Frozen bananas dipped in a bit of dark chocolate and topped with nuts is another healthy quick treat.
  • Boost your immune system with fruit. Combine kiwi, strawberries and grapefruit to boost vitamin C and reduce inflammation. It can help prevent serious illness and is quite tasty.

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