Foods To Eat And Avoid For Better Skin

Whether you want to prevent pimples, wipe out wrinkles or just have a beautiful complexion, there are foods to eat and avoid for better skin. Everything you eat does make a difference on how healthy you are, your hair, your weight, the amount of body fat you have and your skin. Making sure that certain foods are part of your diet to boost the health of the skin and avoiding those that can damage it, can help your complexion be beautiful, clear and more youthful.

Choose food high in vitamin E and other antioxidants for better skin.

Nuts are a great source of vitamin E, so are avocados. Both avocados and nuts are also sources of healthy fat. The vitamin E in both of these help prevent damage at the cellular level that can lead to damage and death of cells that cause aging, wrinkles and that weathered look. Add some red peppers, oranges, guava or strawberries that are high in vitamin C to boost the antioxidant benefits, while aiding in the production of collagen.

Stop the breakouts with these foods that help prevent them, plus some foods to avoid.

If your skin isn’t at the age yet to worry about aging, but you have chronic flare ups of acne, or worse, both acne and wrinkles plague you, one Australian researcher may have an answer. In a study with male subjects that had acne, the study found that when the diet switched from one that had highly processed foods to one that was whole grains, lean meat and lots of fruit and vegetables, had a dramatic improvement in their complexion. The conclusion was that a high-protein, low-glycemic diet helped improve their condition by even more than 50 percent…higher than what occurs with topical acne cream. They recommended that cutting out foods like junk food—including fast food, milk, sugar and high glycemic food to prevent that breakout. Chocolate is also on that list.

Cut out the booze, anything deep fried and coffee for a better complexion.

Alcohol is drying. During colder climates when you drink before going out in the chilly weather, it can cause skin damaging frost bite. Coffee can dehydrate skin and fried foods are bad for the skin for a variety of reasons. Avoid sugar, foods laden with gluten and even cheese. Sugar causes collagen to stiffen and age prematurely, foods with gluten can cause outbreaks if you have an intolerance and cheese, well, cheese is a milk product that can increase oil production and clog pores.

  • Skip those cold cuts, ditch the pepperoni and swear off bologna sandwiches if you want to look younger longer. They’re loaded with sodium and that can cause eye-puffiness, water retention and facial swelling.
  • Fruit juice seems innocuous enough, but it’s high on the glycemic index. You could be inviting a face full of zits to visit.
  • Add more omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. It helps to better balance the ratio with omega-6. Omega-3 helps reduce inflammation that can cause skin conditions.
  • Go for foods that have a yellow, dark green or orange color like sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach to boost beta-carotene that helps protect your skin from the sun.

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