Exercises For A Perky Butt

At RCF in Houston, TX, clients get the best information to help them look fantastic. You’ll find some great workout routines online that include exercises for a perky butt. I’m going to go through a couple here, to give you an idea of what exercises work, but to get the best direction, watching it being performed online is the best. You’ll get the exercises discussed here and many, many more. Our 21-day challenge has lots of exercises to tone.

Make a bridge and get more than just benefits for the derriere.

If you want a great workout for your glutes and stronger toned core muscles, the bridge exercise is perfect. It starts by laying on your back on the floor with knees bent, feet flat on the floor and palms facing up. Gently lift your hips by putting weight on your heels. Your lower body should be lifted high enough to create a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Tighten all the muscles, squeeze you bottom cheeks together and hold. Slowly lower your back one vertebra at a time. Repeat.

Standing kickbacks work well and can be done standing or on hands and knees.

Kick backs are extremely versatile. You can do them standing leaning forward with your hands on the wall, standing with your back straight or on hands and knees. All forms have one thing in common. You kick your leg backward, behind you. The standing one with the back straight starts with feet together and hands on the hips. One leg will be a balance leg, and the other becomes the kickback leg. The balance leg is slightly bent at that knee as you lift your opposite leg directly behind, pushing the heel as high as possible. Lower it, making it parallel to other leg, but not touching the ground, then immediately raise it again behind you. Do 10-20 repetitions and switch legs.

The simple but effective plank works the whole body.

You can do the plank for core work and a full body workout, but if you want to maximize the benefit, do it with a twist. Start by getting into plank position. Stomach on the floor, legs straight and upper body raised on elbows or palms with arms straight. Here’s the twist. Lift one leg off the ground, pushing the heel toward the ceiling, lowering and then lifting the other leg. That added movement really tones the butt.

  • Lunges are great for the bottom. A walking lunge is simple. Take a step forward, lower your body as you bend one knee, with the back leg stretched straight. You can add some variations to the lunge to break monotony.
  • Another really versatile exercise is the squat. Keep your back straight, head up, eyes ahead and feet hip width apart. Bend your knees, lowering your body, while keeping your knees behind your toes and butt out. Stand up and repeat.
  • Do a squat, but make it more challenging by using dumbbells. Put them at the side of your feet and pick them up as you squat. Stand up straight, dumbbells in hand and arms to the side. Lower yourself, put them back down and repeat.
  • Hip extensions, bike riding and doing isometric exercises where you tighten and relax the muscles of the butt are ones you can include in your workout program for a perky derriere.

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