Effective Workouts For Busy Moms

Being a mom can be hectic. Leaving little time for yourself. I have clients in Houston, TX, who can barely make it to the gym one day a week and ask for workouts for busy moms to do at home. It’s one of the main reasons I provide the access to online sessions. That allows people to get their workout in shorter sessions throughout the day, like ten minutes each, three times a day or two fifteen minute sessions. That’s right, if your day is hectic, you can break down your workout to short sessions you can fit in between task and do when you take your break. You can even get the kids involved or do the sessions while they nap.

Make exercise a family activity and get the kids involved.

Sometimes life gets so busy, some of the best times to make memories are left on the sideline. As a busy mother, your job is to raise the healthiest kids possible. Focusing on healthy meals and exercise is one way to boost their health, so why not let them get them involved with exercise. You can make it a family fun time together and even get baby involved. Holding the baby in a carrier while you exercise turns any routine into a weight bearing exercise.

Maximize what little workout time you have with HIIT—high intensity interval training.

HIIT isn’t an exercise but a way of doing exercises to maximize the benefits. It alternates the intensity from high intensity to recovery. You can use it with any types of exercise, including walking. Walk at top speed until your heart rate rises, then slow the pace to allow it to recover to normal. Studies show that a half hour of HIIT is the equivalent to a full hour of steady state exercise. One study showed that people who sprinted for one minute, then followed that sprint with a more moderate recovery pace for nine minutes had the same improvements as those who did a full fifty minutes of a steady state workout.

Turn non-exercise activities into exercise.

Cleaning house takes effort and you can pack more exercise into it by pushing yourself harder. Alternate your speed when doing tasks and the intensity of effort. Washing windows is a great upper body workout when you do it with zeal. If you can, do some exercises while you clean, like doing squats when picking up clothes. If you’re going to the store park further and walk, adjusting your speed as you do. Don’t forget that playing with the kids is also good exercise. If they won’t join you in a workout, join them in play.

  • It’s hard to do but getting an early start can help you stick with a program. If you use my online program, it’s ready for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There are exercises you can do almost anywhere. One four minute workout designed by Dr. Zachary Bush to provide a nitric oxide dump to lower blood pressure, combines deep squats, tin soldier, snow angel and the military press. You can do it at least three times a day.
  • Find exercises that you love to do. If you hate running, don’t do it. Do you love dancing? Turn on the music and enjoy. You’ll be more likely to stick with an exercise program you love.
  • Make social time exercise time. Do you normally get together with friends each week? Stick with that program but make it for exercise and a light lunch. Everyone will end up fitter and happier.

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