Do You Hate To Workout?

%image_alt%I see it all the time, people come to me after unsuccessful attempt at fitness and one huge reason is that they hate to workout. It’s understandable when you talk to them. Either they have gone to a traditional gym and been pointed in the directions of the machines and left to their own devices or they’ve worked out alone to a program they found on the internet, which occasionally caused injury. Often they worked hard but didn’t see any results.

Motivation is so important.

I don’t care who you are, you need someone cheering you on, whether it’s a personal trainer, good friend or even your family. Fitness programs often fail at filling that need for external motivation. Every week someone comes into my gym and sheepishly tells me that they’ve started fitness programs, sometimes many, many fitness programs, but failed to follow through because their life became too busy. I’m here to tell you that the activities of their life wasn’t the problem, but their lack of motivation was. When something is important, people often carve out the time or find a way to follow it through, even if it’s doing some isometric exercises at their desk.

Not knowing the what to do next is a huge problem.

I applaud people who get exercise of all types, no matter what it is. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing and go to the gym faithfully, just moving your body for that half hour or hour helps, but it doesn’t necessarily use your time wisely. If you’re reading this, NEVER STOP TRYING! Even if you’re visits to the gym aren’t helping, keep going until you find something that does. (Unless of course, your visits to the gym only include changing into gym clothes and hanging around the juice bar or getting a tan.) A personal trainer, like me, can create a program designed specifically for your needs, body type and level of fitness.

Doing an exercise wrong can cause injury.

I know I said exercise of any type is good, but let’s face it, sometimes people go too far and try complicated routines with kettlebells and other types of equipment they don’t know how to use. Even doing a simple calisthenic wrong can cause injury or minimize the benefits you reap. For those that workout in a gym on machines, there are some people you can ask about how they work. Normally, while these aren’t the best workout, they are more goof proof. I can help you learn the right way to do each exercise to avoid injury and see results faster.

No two people are alike, even identical twins. That’s why no two workouts will be the same. I assess each person’s fitness level, even identifying undeveloped muscle groups that can affect your overall fitness, before I create a program.

Not everyone will work at the same intensity. Lots of times I have people work in groups, but everyone will be doing his or her own personal program. Some will do more repetitions or a modified form of the workout.

People need different types of exercise. Even if you’re really strong, you may not have the flexibility or endurance to be considered fit. I create a well rounded plan for every person.

Being the best you that you can be changes. You may start out at one fitness level and work toward your maximum potential, but as you become fitter, your overall potential increases. I help you by adjusting your program when that happens

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