Diet Hacks To Help You Stick With It

diet hacksMany of the foods you eat are out of habit, more than preference. While you may think they’re your favorite, once you get used to a healthy diet and they’re no longer a familiar meal, you’ll find they don’t taste as good as you thought. Here are some diet hacks to help you stick with it when the fast food parlor beckons you as you pass it or the box of cookies calls. Make sure you identify your goal clearly and the reasons you want to eat healthy and/or lose weight. It’s one of the first hacks to help you stay on track.

Keep a refrigerator of healthy food.

The same is true for the cupboards and freezer. If you only have healthy food in the house, when that uncontrollable urge to eat hits you at midnight, you won’t be cheating. Air popped popcorn will be your food of choice or a healthy snack of an apple or other fresh fruit. If it’s not in your home, you won’t be tempted. As far as the rest of the people in the house, the next hack will help you there.

Have healthy snacks readily available.

There are some excellent snack foods that fill you up, not out and contain an abundance of nutrition. Having them on hand and ready takes a little forethought, but it’s well worth the effort. Your family will also have these snacks available and may not notice there are no cookies and chips in the cupboard (but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it). Peanut butter and apples are one choice. (Don’t use the apple as the delivery system for peanut butter, slathering small slices in it). One teaspoon of peanut butter per half apple please. Spicy baked chickpeas, homemade Larabars, amaranth popcorn and sweet potato quinoa cakes are just a few more.

Keep your goal written and posted.

Keeping your goal always visible can help keep you focused. Have it posted on the refrigerator and even put it in your Smartphone. If you want to try something different, record a message to yourself. Tell yourself you’ll make your goal, that you can lose weight and you stick with the plan. When you feel tempted, listen to the message. Studies show the words you use can be first person. “I always achieve what I set my mind to do.” Second person, “You always get what she sets her mind to do.” or Third person, “Mary Jones always achieves what she sets her mind to do.

Don’t let a slip set you off track. So what if you ate a slice of pie or even a whole cake! Get right back on the dietary plan and don’t look back at the transgression.

Be patient. While everyone wants results and wants them right now. It took a while to put on the weight and it will take a while for it to come off.

Celebrate smaller victories. You may have a master plan where losing 50 or more pounds is the goal. That can look pretty hard, so break it down to smaller ones and pat yourself on the back when you reach the smaller goals.

Make a meal a production, sitting at a table with a plate and silverware. Make sure the plate is smaller, so it makes your meal look larger. Don’t grab a bite on the fly.

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