Consistency Is Key

No matter what the goal or how great the workout, if you want to get fit, consistency is key for success. How many times have you tried on clothing and not been happy with the appearance, only to vow to get back into shape. That enthusiasm wanes after a few weeks and instead of working out every other day, you start to skip days, then weeks. You might have a week where you’re back on track, but it’s like starting from scratch, since you took a break. Try doing something every day at the same time to help you get fit. It’s all about developing a habit.

Have you ever crammed for exams, but found it just didn’t work?

With some exams, particularly when you’re familiar with the information, cramming the night before works. It’s not that way with fitness. Getting fit by cramming hours at the gym in one week is like cramming for a math exam. It takes consistent effort, not one magical night. If you do marathon workouts once a month, you’ll be doing more to harm your body than help it. You simply can’t make up for lost hours in the gym in one day. It can actually cause injury.

Make your workout a priority and schedule it daily.

You brush your teeth in the morning and take a shower or a bath, it is part of your day. The same should be true of your workout. It should be ingrained enough in your life that you’d feel uncomfortable if you miss it. Working out the same time every day makes it part of your pattern. It doesn’t matter whether you workout after work, in the morning or at lunch, just be consistent.

When you workout consistently, you maintain the gains and make improvements.

You need to work all three areas of fitness, endurance, strength and flexibility. Think of every workout as a building block to create the body you want. When you miss a day, imagine one of those blocks being carried away and you’ll understand why a daily workout is necessary. Missing a workout or two can put you back further and prevent you from achieving your next goal or fitness level.

  • You don’t have to worry about travel or a busy schedule interrupting your fitness regimen. My online fitness routines lets you workout anywhere, anytime you need it. You can even break your workout into three sessions throughout the day.
  • You’ll actually miss your workout the longer you exercise regularly. It gives you a boost of energy and a feeling of satisfaction when you’re done.
  • Don’t forget about eating healthier. It’s an extremely important part of your day and fitness goal. While you occasionally can indulge in your favorite junk food, don’t make it too often and keep portion control in mind.
  • When you skip days at the gym or do a marathon workout to catch up, you increase the potential of injury. If you’re doing strength training, always give your body a day or two of rest between strength-training sessions. You can work on flexibility and endurance other days.

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