Best Workouts To Tone Your Legs

Great legs make you feel fabulous whether you’re wearing your favorite shorts or jeans or at the beach in a swimsuit. At RC Fitness in Houston, TX, we can help you achieve that goal. Workouts to tone your legs focus on the muscle groups of the thighs, calves and booty. It gives you that curvy, trim look. Do you suffer from cankles—where your calves and ankles are the same size? Start with the ankles with weighted calf raises, side lying leg lifts using resistance bands, seated calf raises and stair calf raises. They shape the calves and slim the ankles.

Get rid of thunder thighs and puckered cottage cheese thighs.

You can’t really eliminate cellulite, but you can make your thighs smaller and/or smoother by strengthening the muscle tissue. Squats and lunges help do that. Squats to make cellulite less visible include a goblet squat, where your feet are wider than a normal squat and you push your knees out to the side, not straight forward. Side lunges are excellent to tone the thighs, as are side leg raises and donkey kicks.

Make sure you work the front, back and sides of the legs.

If you want faster results that strengthens all the muscles in your legs, do a jumping plyometric squat. Jump up and drop down to squat position, then jump back up again in rapid succession. Every muscle in your leg will be worked. It’s tough to do. Explosive lunges also work the whole leg. They’re done like lunges with feet together, then lunging forward on one leg. Instead of stepping back, you jump as you switch legs midair and land with the other foot forward, continuously switching forward leg.

Tone your booty while you tone your legs.

A plie squat, like ballerinas do, work hamstrings, inner thigh, quads and glutes. The difference in how it’s done compared to a regular squat is the position of the feet. Instead of straight forward and held closer together like a regular squat, the feet are turned out to form a V. If you want to challenge yourself, keep making the V wider. An exercise that will tone your thighs and butt as it strengthens your abs is a bridge. Lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hands to your sides. Lift your hips off the floor about five inches and hold, squeezing your glutes as you do.

  • Go up on toe like a ballerina and you’ll have gorgeous legs like they do. You’re really not going up on your toes, but rather on the balls of your feet. Raise up slowly and then lower yourself slowly until your heel is touching the ground again.
  • As your legs get into shape, you can increase the intensity and the number of repetitions you do. As you increase both number and intensity, you’ll get faster results.
  • Step ups are also good for leg muscles. Start with the platform lower and work your way to a higher platform. If you have weights, hold them in your hand as you get more proficient.
  • If you’re overweight, a healthy diet to lose weight is important if you want gorgeous legs. At RC Fitness, we offer in person and on line exercises and a healthy diet to help you lose weight.

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