Be Realistic But Focused

If you’ve tried to lose weight before and failed, you know it’s extremely depressing. Now, you’ve added one more reason to the list of reasons why you’ll never be fit. Maybe you weren’t realistic or maybe, your goal wasn’t focused on specifics. You need both to successfully reach any goal, whether it’s fitness or not. Consider people that go to college to attain a degree. Most of them start with a specific program that suits their interest and understanding. They follow a program with specific classes necessary as the core. If you are a genius in science, but have no musical background, getting a degree in music isn’t realistic. Neither is getting that degree in two months. However, switching to a major based in science provides a realistic goal and each individual class is one step toward it, bringing you focus.

Losing weight is a goal, but it needs to be more specific.

If you want to lose fifty pounds that’s your goal, but you also need a time frame. If it’s a month, that’s not realistic. The best way to handle a larger goal is to give yourself rewards along the way with mini goals you can accomplish. Breaking the goal down to achievable smaller goals is important. That fifty pounds could be broken down to two or three pounds a week. It’s short enough to keep you focused, yet leads to your ultimate goal and is achievable.

Keep your eye on the prize, while you follow your path to fitness.

Working hard to achieve each mini goal is important. That’s why a planned method of achieving it is necessary. It doesn’t just fall off because you decided it would or you’d never have a problem with weight! Your plan should be specific and include healthy eating and regular exercise. Whether you follow specific menus we provide on the app or choose to create your own, making changes in what you eat is top priority. Adding exercise speeds up the process and gets you looking fabulous.

Focusing on your program helps you achieve it.

Don’t jump on the scales every ten minutes. Instead, focus on the things you can easily control, like whether you worked out that day or ate a healthy snack instead of a sugary one. Have faith that you’re accomplishing what you set out to do by following your plan and maintaining focus. Things like water weight can take away the prize for one week, but not several weeks in a row. Never get discouraged. Just maintain focus and do it.

  • Learn tricks and tips, like drinking an eight ounce glass of cold water about 20 minutes before a meal. It hydrates you, fills you up and has no caloric value.
  • Get plenty of sleep. I can’t emphasize this enough. It changes your outlook and affects your success at losing weight.
  • Identify a bad eating habit often and modify it. If you’re snacking on high calorie foods, take a healthy snack with you. If you constantly do carryout, cook the week’s food ahead so all you have to do is warm it up.
  • It’s not all about what you eat, what you drink makes a difference. If you have two cans of soft drinks a day, you’re drinking enough calories to gain a pound every 12 days! Diet cola adds inches to your middle, so it’s not an option either.

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