Are You Serious About Getting In Shape

If you’re serious about getting in shape, you’ll push through even though what you’re doing may not be comfortable or you might not feel like working out at the time. If you find yourself skipping workouts, it may be because you’re not committed and not very serious. Instead of a real goal, your weight loss plan is a wish and wishes don’t come true normally unless you put commitment behind it.

It won’t work if you only follow the plan one day a week.

Sure, at least you’ll be helping yourself a little if you actually follow the plan one day a week, unless of course, you cut out all activity and eat junk the rest of the days. I’d rather see someone stick rigorously to a plan of exercise and healthy eating for six weeks, than see that person follow a plan half heartedly for six months. That’s because you’ll see some success in six weeks when you strictly follow it and that can be a huge driving force.

Can you workout when you’d rather chill out?

Sometimes, getting your body in motion is tough! That’s when your true dedication shows. Are you willing to workout even when you’re tired or totally stressed? One thing is certain, if you’re stressed it will melt away when you workout and if you’re tired, you’ll get a burst of energy from getting your blood circulating. You won’t experience that high and shift in your mood and energy unless you’re dedicated to your program.

Is your goal meaningful?

I’ve seen it too often, people decide they want to get into shape for all the wrong reasons. While I’m for anyone and any reason to help someone get into shape, if that reason isn’t truly meaningful, it won’t take long before the entire program is put on hold. Make sure you’re getting into shape because it’s something you want. It doesn’t have to be noble. If you want to look your best and show that guy or gal what they’re missing when they broke up with you, it’s a good reason if it drives you toward success.

  • Often people set initial goals that change as they see a difference in their appearance. Getting fit and looking good feels fantastic, so often people boost their goals to achieve even more.
  • I hold you accountable for your success by tracking your progress. That can help you make it through those tough spots where you might feel like quitting.
  • You’ll be amazed at how you’ll not only change your body, but also your energy level. When you take the time to workout, you can complete your daily tasks faster, making even more time for you.
  • If you’re truly committed to your transformation, check out our free download offer. I provide affordable programs for everyone from beginner to those entering bodybuilding competitions.

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