Are You Bikini Body Ready?

While summer is barely here, warm weather started a while ago and will last well into fall. There’s still time to get bikini body ready and show off your body at the end of the season. In fact, if you start right now, imagine the progress you’ll make by August or September and how great you’ll look at the end of the year. You’ll be ringing in the New Year with a whole new you that’s gorgeous and fit.

Know your goal.

You might think, “Of course, I know my goal. I want to lose weight.” That’s not really a goal but just a statement. How much do you want to lose? If you just want to look better, what does that mean? You need to identify how many pounds you want to lose or state the size that you want to be. Your goal could read, “By September 15th, I want to lose 24 pounds.” That gives you 12 weeks to do it, which is a realistic goal.

It’s time to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Summer always has been a favorite. It’s time that a lot of fresh fruit ripens, like cherries, apples or berries. These are like nature’s candy. All the farm produce also makes it easier to eat healthier and lose weight easier. No matter how many hours you put in working out, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. A great body starts in the kitchen. That’s why we provide nutritional help and a personalized meal plan. You don’t have to starve to shed extra pounds, just make smarter choices that are lower in calories and more nutritious.

If you create a habit, you’ll be more apt to stick with a program.

How do you make something a habit? You do it at the same time every day consistently. That’s why I always recommend that people schedule in their workout if they’re doing it online or workout the same time every day if you’re working out in person. It’s also one reason that working out with a personal trainer can help. You have a standing appointment with the trainer. Not only does that make you more accountable for showing up, it also helps create a habit.

  • Make sure your goal is realistic. If you have 100 pounds to lose, you simply can’t do it safely in 8 weeks. Stick with a realistic goal that’s between one and three pounds a week.
  • Plan your meals to help you stick with the program and prepare them on your days off of work. When you cook everything in one or two days, you’ll cut the time you spend in the kitchen and have daily meals ready to heat and serve that are quicker than a drive-through.
  • You can have fun while getting that bikini body. Our group classes are a blast and everyone is friendly. Make it a girl’s night out or take the classes instead of stopping for a drink after work, which can really help make you look better.
  • No matter what weight you are, never hate your body. Hating your body is counterproductive. You have to love it enough to keep it healthy and active.

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