Are There Diets For Unique Skin Types?

While you can’t control everything that happens to your body, you can control a lot with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Even your skin can be helped based on what you eat and what you need. There are diets for unique skin types that can aid those with oily skin and those with dry or combination skin. You can even help prevent or treat acne with the right diet. While diets can help you lose weight, they also can aid your skin, which is the biggest organ of your body.

It all starts by knowing your skin type.

Your beauty treatment should not necessarily be like your best friend’s or even your parents. Age, genetics and diet make a difference in what you need. No magic cream can offset the damage from a bad diet, since beautiful skin starts from the inside of your body. While good hygiene does play a role, without the right type of diet for your skin, all the creams and cosmetics in the world won’t give you the look you want. Is your skin oily? How do you know? Start with a clean face, washing it thoroughly and dry, but don’t use anything else. Wait for an hour or two then look at your skin. Does it feel tight and flaky with red patches? It’s most likely dry. If some areas are oil, such as around the nose, but other areas, like your cheeks are dry, it’s combination. If you put a tissue on your face and there’s oil left on the tissue or there are shiny signs of oil everywhere with visible pores, it’s oily.

Dry skin can occur for many reasons.

If you’re mildly dehydrated, it can be just one reason you have dry skin. Keep water with you and sip frequently. Shy away from alcohol and drinks with caffeine, which may add to the problem. Add more juicy, nutritious fruits and vegetables to your diet, such as oranges, melons and grapes. Sweet red peppers, broccoli and spinach are other options. Like the fruit, they add vitamin C and A. Eat more healthy oils. Try avocado or salmon to increase your omega 3 fatty acids and unsaturated fat.

Oily skin doesn’t necessarily come from oil in the diet.

Greasy fried food, like French fries and onion rings shouldn’t be part of your diet, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the healthy oils, such as flaxseed, avocado or salmon. The fats they contain are anti-inflammatory, which can help improve acne and other skin problems. Whole grains are another good option, choosing them over the refined grain. Some studies sow that cutting out milk products can also help with acne, while other studies show Greek yogurt may help. Also skip red meat or reduce it in your diet significantly.

  • Those with combination skins fight a double battle. Healthy eating, avoiding sugar and including healthy fat is the best diet. Avoid foods that are highly processed, since they cause inflammation.
  • If you have acne, you may or may not have oily skin. Bacteria and inflammation cause acne. To fight it, increase vitamin C and zinc in your diet. Citrus fruit, red bell peppers provide C and pumpkin seeds offer zinc.
  • Oxidation causes dull looking skin. Choose red foods that contain lycopene to give your skin a boost. Are wrinkles a problem? Add collagen to your diet. Bone broth is one good example of how to increase it.
  • We have meal plans that will help you. Most healthy diets will dramatically improve your skin as you lose weight. It’s often the additives, highly processed foods, low nutrition and foods that cause inflammation that are the cause. You won’t find them in a healthy diet.

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