5 Reasons To Lift Weights

I always make sure everyone has strength building exercises in their workout, which in many cases includes weight lifting. There are a number of reasons to lift weights, here are five of my favorite ones and often the top reasons people include weight lifting in their workout. Lifting weights isn’t just for men. It’s perfect for women, too. Contrary to what some women think, it won’t make you bulk up like the Incredible Hulk. Women don’t bulk up like men because of hormone difference. Even for men it takes a lot of work and focused training.

If you want to burn fat, grab weights and start exercising.

One reasons strength training, weight lifting in particular, is so important in a workout program is that it torches calories, while building muscle tissue. You may think that cardio workouts are the best at burning calories, but you’d be wrong. Yes, they do require a high calorie expenditure, but those calories come from both fat and lean muscle tissue. Lifting weights actually builds muscle tissue while it burns calories from fat. After weeks of training, you’ll have more muscle tissue and less fat tissue when you lift weights. That’s good, because muscle tissue needs more calories for maintenance, so the more you have the more calories you’ll burn 24/7.

Reason number two for weight lifting, strong muscles and bones.

As people age, they begin to lose muscle tissue. That loss of muscle tissue is called sarcopenia. It often starts in the second half of the thirties and continues each year. Losing muscle tissue can have a huge effect on a senior’s ability to function on their own. Lifting stops and reverses the loss of muscle mass. Losing muscle tissue also affects bone loss. When you lose muscle mass, loss of bone mass also occurs. Studies show weight bearing exercises can slow that process of osteoporosis as well as some medications and maybe even reverse it.

You’ll reduce the risk of serious conditions when you workout with weights.

Besides osteoporosis and sarcopenia, working out with weights can help reverse insulin resistance, the precursor to type 2 diabetes. When you do resistance training, it activates four separate signaling pathways that boost the production of APP1, a protein helps your body use insulin and regulates the absorption of glucose. That lets your muscles use glucose more effectively. It also helps deal with chronic conditions and the pain of arthritis. Strength training is as effective as medication for pain reduction.

  • Reason number four to do strength training is that it lowers blood pressure. It can help prevent heart disease. It’s far easier on the heart than aerobic training, too.
  • A fifth reason weight training is beneficial is for improved energy. At first, you’ll be ready to shower and go to bed immediately after lifting weights, but after a few months, you’ll notice you have more energy than you had in years.
  • As a bonus, you’ll burn off the hormones of stress when you workout with weights. It also stimulates the production of hormones that make you feel good.
  • Not only does strength training give you the curves you want, it makes you more coordinated and helps improve your balance. You’ll not only get a great body, you’ll carry yourself with confidence and reduce the risk of falls.

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