What is Reggie C Fitness

Reggie Collier is co-owner of Signature Physiques Studio in Houston, TX and takes an unorthodox approach to weight loss and personal development. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Texas Southern University. After graduating from college Reggie gained some excessive weight due to lack of exercise and proper nutrition and it was shortly thereafter he decided he was going to make the time and dedicate himself to not only changing his body, but his health and nutrition in order to be an example for all clients. From here, he found his passion and wanted to prove to himself that he could do anything and motivate others to do so as well.


Online TrainingThis Online Program includes the following:

  • Flexible Meal Plan to reduce likelihood of boredom with meal options
  • Detailed Workout Routines for inside and outside the gym, given in the same format as my in-person small group training classes
  • Private workout videos that give you detailed information about each exercise. As well as periodic exclusive video updates for RCFitness Members to help on your journey.
  • Guidelines on how to get the best results from the program



This program is intended for anybody needing to create a greater, round, conditioned, and lifted butt. A great deal of ladies believe it’s difficult to go from a flat booty to a solid lifted butt, however that is precisely what I’ve done and that is precisely what this program is intended to help you do…. READ MORE…

A safe, challenging, and effective method of core conditioning. This eBook gives you many different and effective workouts to give you that strong core you’ve desired!…READ MORE…

Would you like to finally be able to wear thinned strapped, or even strapless, tops and dresses? Do you not have the time or finances to go to the traditional gym, or even hire a personal trainer? READ MORE…

Would you like to finally be able to be a healthier, more ENERGETIC You? Do you not have the time or finances to go to the traditional gym, or even hire a personal trainer? Do you travel a lot for work? READ MORE…


Reggie loves motivating people to reach their own fitness goals and trans-forming his clients into what they strive to be. His knowledge about nutrition and weight training is a huge asset in his success with his clients. Having achieved several major transformations with clients his philosophy of training is to meet clients at their level of fitness and take them where they want to go. The journey isn’t always easy or smooth, but his indomitable spirit and his ability to change clients’ comfort zone is what pushes them beyond their limits and produces results.


22 Mar

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Fitness Gear You Can’t Live Without

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How To Stay Healthy When You’re Bored

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